Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kolo in Dallas

Now there are three things to know about before I start telling you about my holiday.
  1. The rumour that I was in Dallas as the young love interest in the new Dallas series was not true.  I was asked but I declined.
  2. I am writing my blog in at least four installments because we did so much so this installment is just about Dallas.
  3. You all know that I am far to big to travel and used to send Leroy instead.  However, I have now found a way to travel as little Kolo, about 1/4 my normal size.
So we arrived in Dallas on a Monday night after a long and delayed flight and our dear pal Monkey (@hi_im_monkey greeted me with a TexMex dinner.

I thoroughly recommend enchilladas, black beans and nachos.  This was not the last TexMex feast I had in Texas but the only one I got pictures of as I was far too hungry to bother with photography the other times.

Then we went back to the airport to pick up Monkey's friend (and now mine and Leroy's friend) S, (@stufftedart).

The next day, after an enormous breakfast of French toast that I didn't photograph because I was too hungry to bother with that, we went to the Dallas arboretum and saw an exhibition of art as well as plants.

In the arboretum I had the chance to do some tree climbing, well I am a baboon after all.

We also managed to take part in a real Texas adventure!


It was very hot and humid that day, as a result of Hurrican Isaac, so after some walking and climbing we went to the wonderful Highland Pharmacy for a drink.

Its a wonderful sofa fountain, I loved it.  By the way when I say drink I mean iced tea.

The next day we went for breakfast and I had banana pancakes.  Look at this, what baboon or other primate could resist this!!!

After that we dropped @stuffart at the airport and went off to Austin and San Antonio.  I will write about that separately.

When we got back to Dallas we had more adventures.

While celebrating Arsenal's victory over Liverpool, at Norma's diner, I learned a very important piece of information.  Look at the menu, it says 'Life is Short, Eat Dessert First'!  Remember that folks its there in red and white so it must be true.  Just look at those desserts (puddings to us Brits of course).

The next day I learned something else important about diet.  At a cafe we saw on Sunday it said that a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.  Another important fact.
Well talking of desserts or puddings, everything is bigger in Texas and Leroy found a carrot cake that was bigger than he is.

Just look at that!!

Well eventually we had to reluctantly leave Dallas.  It was Labour Day, sorry I mean Labor Day!  Leroy and I found a flag that was just the right size for us.

We are patriotic Americans after all!!!

Well off we went and flew to Boston, but that is another story, or actually a number of other stories.  Next installment will be my trip to Austin.

Thanks for reading.  HUGS HUGS HUGS


  1. oh kolo how wundahful that yew fownd a wey too travel too! yippeeee! i luff th "balansed diet" line... a balansed diet is a cookie in each hand *giggles*

    fank yew fur writin up yur blog soo kwickly i kno yew must still bee tired frum yur long trip!

  2. Oh wow - what a start to your adventure. I can almost feel the heat in the pictures! I look forward to part 2!! more food and more GIANT cake.

    Love Whskr & DashKitten

  3. Great travel my friend! hugs Love that you could meet with twitter fiend.

  4. At last Mini-Yoo can travel!! So thats why my hoomin sumtimes eats dessert furst - she's not so daft as ey thot,heehee! Yoo may not be in the noo series of Dallas, Kolo but this is definitly a mini-series in its on rite! can't wait fur the next instalment of "A Baboon in the States" - move over Stephen Fry!!
    Huuggs and kisses!

  5. How wonderful! It sounds like you and Leroy had some great meals in Texas :-).

  6. Sounds like Mini-Kolo & Leroy had a pawsome time in Dallas! And you learned so many impurrtant things - esp abt eating desert first! Mom says she & your people didn't have any desert in Boston - too full from lunch & dinner. That's just plain wrong! Looking forward to the next installment of your travel blog - you're a very lucky fellow to travel & meet so many pals! ((HUGS))

  7. *still staring and drooling at carrot cake pic* ... - ZackRabbit xoxo

  8. Kolo !!!! what a start !!! Dallas looks yummy!!! teehee.I can't wait for the next to u nd Leroy and thanks for all the great piccies...Pasihugggs xx

  9. DUSTY: So fun to read about your trip to Dallas and see photos, Kolo. What a wonderful time you had. HURLEY: I am so glad that you blogged about all the great food. Reading this made my mouth water! DUSTY: Looking forward to the next three installments!

  10. wow kolo i dint no they ad oooooj cayks ther. i fink i wud like it alot aswel. it dus be grayt reedin bowt th trip