Sunday, 28 August 2016

A rather belated blog

There has been so much going on a Baboon HQ lately that we have not blogged for ages.  This blog is about a lovely day we had in London with some Twitter pals.

It was a bit of a grey old day when we boarded Red Funnel's Red Eagle ferry in East Cowes, but Mini-Kolo loves the car ferry, whatever the weather.

This is not the ferry we usually get, it goes from East Cowes to Southampton, which makes it slightly easier to drive to London.

When Mini-Kolo got to London it was much sunnier, he was excited about going on the London Underground.  He went from Richmond to South Kensington.  For those of you who know London you will know that the big museums are in South Kensington and he was headed for the Victoria and Albert Museum (known as the V&A).

In the V&A cafe Mini-Kolo met Ilana, Gromek Cat's new family member, who Gromek calls Burble.  Ilana seemed to be quite keen on Mini-Kolo.

Gromek's baboon, Dwayne, was not going to be left out and he joined the party.  We had a lovely lunch and got our feet wet in the paddling pool.  London was quite hot.

By the time we got back to Southampton it was hot there too and Mini-Kolo wanted to open the ferry window.  He loved watching the cars loading.

It was lovely to see Gromek's family again.  We will not be able to see them again in Boston as they have moved right across the country, but maybe another time.