Saturday, 19 April 2014

Baboons get smaller!!

Hi, no I haven't got any smaller but look at this!!

This is not all of the baboons at Baboon HQ but you may recognise some of these chaps, at the back from right to left we have me, Edward, Marley, Hoppo and Jack!!  You may not know Jack yet, he is a newer arrival, he was going to live in California but things went a bit wrong and he will live at Baboon HQ with us.  Anyway, all of us big  baboons are 22 inches (Hoppo might be a little more but we don't talk about that)!!

Then we have a row of smaller baboons.  Back in 2011 I was suprised when Roko (in front of me) turned up at Baboon HQ and was like me but only 14 inches.  Soon after that Denis and Austin rocked up around Christmas time and later Thierry joined us.  Just last autumn Chesney joined us look at him, what a handsome chap and lighter than the rest of us.  Well around two years ago we found Mini-Kolo (third row forward to the left) he is 11 inches and just what I needed to travel for me.  Lukaz turned up soon after that and I have also rehomed three baboons like them.  Aboooo at the end of that row is taller but very skinny.

But what I wanted to show you was the little chap in the front (in front of Lukaz), Tony.  I found him on eBay last week, he is only 8 inches.  So baboons like me are definitely getting smaller every year aren't they!! 

How much smaller will they get I wonder!!

Friday, 18 April 2014

April re-homings

Hi there!  I am pleased to say that two more baboons have reached their new homes before Easter.  The second to start his journey, but the first to arrive, travelled from our seaside home in the south of England, all the way to a new seaside home in the north of England.

Here is Bobby checking out his new view.


Here is Bobby meeting his new family, our dear friends @LUCKYBLUEYHONEY.  The first evening he was there he watched football with his new family and gave piggyback rides to them all.


Yes all at the same time!!

We can see he is part of the family, they all wish us Happy Easter.


I think Bobby looks very happy in his new home.

Bobby's sister Babs had a longer journey, she went all the way to Carolina in the US of A!!  To live with lovely @SamTheWatcher.


Well, it clearly didn't take Babs long to check out her new home and find some sweets (candy)!!


It looks as though Babs started getting on well with her new sisfurs right away.  Here she is getting to know Charlotte.

Well yes, Babs is a girl and she is set on becoming a southern belle so she went shopping.  She clearly has an eye for style, she bought these fetching disco earrings!


Hey the girl's got style!

Well that looks like two more happy rehomings don't you think?  There are four more rehomings underway.  So far 94 baboons have reached their new homes and the next four will make 98.  I really want to get to 100!  I was going to stop there, but as long as there are homeless baboons and pals who want to give them homes, I will carry on.

Let me know if you have room for a baboon, or even for another baboon.


Friday, 11 April 2014


I have been a very lucky baboon this week.  Three presents have arrived at Baboon HQ for us baboons and Leroy.

Firstly some lovely blankets arrived from our dear friends D.Cunningham (@skye613), in Florida.  These lovely blankets are for the baboons who are waiting for homes.  As you can see the baboons tried them out and found them very snuggly and cosy.  I don't think they will ever want to move on now.  Thank you so much, the blankets are lovely.


Then some lovely presents arrived from lovely @NancyCakeFace in Houston, Texas.  Such lovely things, a Houston calendar that we can use next year, some yummy chocolates, a very funny fridge maget of Texas and a keyring of Houston.  My little brother Denis there has got hold of some monkey sticking plasters that were in the package.  He is the most likely baboon here to be the first to need those I can assure you, he has lots of scrapes!  The magnet is on the fridge and the keyring is holding my person's keys.  We are sharing the chocolates!!  Thank you so much Nancy for such lovely things.  You know I love Texas!!


Then yesterday some lovely chocolates arrived from those lovely 3 bears @LuckyblueHoney.  The chocolates are for me and @LeroySealion.  Look this one has my name on!!  Leroy is very interested in the chocolate bugs and bees!!  We will share them with all the baboons and lions of course!! Thank you so much dear Bears.

Thank you to all of you. HUGS HUGS HUGS