Friday, 11 April 2014


I have been a very lucky baboon this week.  Three presents have arrived at Baboon HQ for us baboons and Leroy.

Firstly some lovely blankets arrived from our dear friends D.Cunningham (@skye613), in Florida.  These lovely blankets are for the baboons who are waiting for homes.  As you can see the baboons tried them out and found them very snuggly and cosy.  I don't think they will ever want to move on now.  Thank you so much, the blankets are lovely.


Then some lovely presents arrived from lovely @NancyCakeFace in Houston, Texas.  Such lovely things, a Houston calendar that we can use next year, some yummy chocolates, a very funny fridge maget of Texas and a keyring of Houston.  My little brother Denis there has got hold of some monkey sticking plasters that were in the package.  He is the most likely baboon here to be the first to need those I can assure you, he has lots of scrapes!  The magnet is on the fridge and the keyring is holding my person's keys.  We are sharing the chocolates!!  Thank you so much Nancy for such lovely things.  You know I love Texas!!


Then yesterday some lovely chocolates arrived from those lovely 3 bears @LuckyblueHoney.  The chocolates are for me and @LeroySealion.  Look this one has my name on!!  Leroy is very interested in the chocolate bugs and bees!!  We will share them with all the baboons and lions of course!! Thank you so much dear Bears.

Thank you to all of you. HUGS HUGS HUGS


  1. Aaawh that's a luvly blog kolo yoo are very lucky baboons gettin all those gifts but yoo dus deserve em cos yoo is luvly (leroy shhhhh we noes it's really sealion HQ) 😊😊

  2. oh Kolo! what a nice exciting week you've had at Baboon HQ!! *bighugs* - ZackRabbit

  3. Hurray for pals and hurray for prezzies Kolo my pal...da finest prezzie be frenship of corse....