Friday, 18 April 2014

April re-homings

Hi there!  I am pleased to say that two more baboons have reached their new homes before Easter.  The second to start his journey, but the first to arrive, travelled from our seaside home in the south of England, all the way to a new seaside home in the north of England.

Here is Bobby checking out his new view.


Here is Bobby meeting his new family, our dear friends @LUCKYBLUEYHONEY.  The first evening he was there he watched football with his new family and gave piggyback rides to them all.


Yes all at the same time!!

We can see he is part of the family, they all wish us Happy Easter.


I think Bobby looks very happy in his new home.

Bobby's sister Babs had a longer journey, she went all the way to Carolina in the US of A!!  To live with lovely @SamTheWatcher.


Well, it clearly didn't take Babs long to check out her new home and find some sweets (candy)!!


It looks as though Babs started getting on well with her new sisfurs right away.  Here she is getting to know Charlotte.

Well yes, Babs is a girl and she is set on becoming a southern belle so she went shopping.  She clearly has an eye for style, she bought these fetching disco earrings!


Hey the girl's got style!

Well that looks like two more happy rehomings don't you think?  There are four more rehomings underway.  So far 94 baboons have reached their new homes and the next four will make 98.  I really want to get to 100!  I was going to stop there, but as long as there are homeless baboons and pals who want to give them homes, I will carry on.

Let me know if you have room for a baboon, or even for another baboon.



  1. Yay that's a grate blog Kolo and bobby is very appy in is new ome an it dus luk like baba is too 😊😊

  2. Happy Baboons...spreading love xx yayayayayayayayayaya

  3. Good to see more baboons spreading around the world!!

  4. Ohhh Yahoo happy baboons in New homes! I'm so happy for their new friends hugs

  5. I think we were staying in the same place that Bobby just moved to. We went on holiday to a seaside place in the North East and I'm sure I recognise that view! I think we might have been next door. He'll be REALLY happy there. It's a lovely place. Babs looks happy too. You do a good job rehoming all the poor orphan baboons.

  6. Is pawsome to see da pals in thurr new omes Kolo my chum....I haz to get Claptun to take Peter Tosh owt soon,,,,haz been too long since we seen him on da blog...