Friday, 29 July 2011

Leroy in London

Hi there everyone remember me, Leroy, I think I have been getting more use out of Kolo's blog than he has lately. But he is planning a great entry soon so hang on in there genisuses never work quickly!

Anyway as many of you know I live on a little island off the south coast of England, but really I am a Londoner!  I need to point out here that I am not a cockney, those people are born within the sound of Bow bells, I was born within the sound of cheering at Highbury (Arsenal's old ground) and yes I am old enough to remember when they used to cheer there! So I guess that makes me an Arsenal boy.  I am from north London but any visit to London is a good thing to me and this was special cos I met a nice person.  Read on and you will see.

We started by going over to Portsmouth on the ferry so we could get the train to London.  I had my own seat on the ferry.

If I stood on tip toe I could just see out of the window.  While we were waiting for the ferry to leave we could see our town.

When we got to Portsmouth we got on the train.  I had my own seat again.

I could see out of the window from the train too and I could see another train waiting to leave like we were.

I was very excited to get going.

We went very fast past trees and then past fields.

It reminded me how lovely our countryside is this is Hampshire which is very nice we saw lots of animals in fields too, horses, cows, donkeys and even lamas!

When I got to London I met the person who I was telling you about this is Wendy, you may know her cos she is @dogstoyevsky (Lexie's) mum.  Isn't she pretty.

We went to the south bank (of the River Thames) and had lunch I had a chocolate brownie (Wendy got it for herself but well you know me I used my charm and here I am eating it! Heee heee sorry Wendy I'll buy you one of your own next time.

After lunch we walked along the river a bit.  This brought back old memories for me I looked across the river and saws some buildings that I remember well in the city of London.  If you look you can see St Paul's cathedral, new gerkin building and the London Stock Exchange building.

Oh but you can see the buildings but not me, well here is one with me in it!

The island where we live is lovely but I do miss London, who wouldn't its a lovely city and is my home town.

Eventually we had to go home.  As I couldn't get a picture of me with the London Eye (because it is so big and I am so small), I tried to take one from our train at Waterloo, there was a train in the way but you can see it above the train and you can see the Shell Building on the south bank as well.

We didn't gon on the London Eye cos it moves slowly and I'm a boy that gets impatient and likes to be quick but we had a great time in London and I hope I will be going there again soon.  Maybe even to go to see Arsenal again!

I just wanted to say thank you to Wendy for a lovely day out, it was so nice to meet you and sorry I ate your chocolate brownie, but it was very nice!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A day out in Portsmouth

Its taken me a bit of a long time to get round to doing this blog but here it is.  My person had to go to Portsmouth last week for some icky tests to try and get a job interview, that was not the makings of a good day out but that was only the morning so there was room for a day out.  I couldn't go along because people might think it was a bit odd to take a large baboon to a job interview and they might think I was doing the tests for her (she might have done better if I had), but Leroy is small enough to hide in a bag so he went along.

After the interview Leroy met up with @Henryandfriends to go out for lunch and #FlatMarley came with us.  Henry has already shown you pictures of Marley eating chips, he wasn't interested in Leroy's dinner as it was all vegetables.  After lunch they went for a trip around the Naval Dockyard at Portsmouth.

Leroy, Henry and Marley had a look at HMS Warrier which was built in 1860.  Well Leroy and Henry looked at the ship #FlatMarley was too busy posing for the camera.

Leroy and Marley decided that firing a cannon would be a good idea.  Leroy likes the idea of being a gunner but I think that is more to do with supporting Arsenal than firing cannon.  Marley was very intersted in the guns.

Marley found himself a new job in the Dockyard, he thought it would be a good place to work because the place where he had chips was so near by it would be very convenient for lunch, breakfast, afternoon tea, supper, you name it!

We did meet some interesting characters in the Dockyard, I think Marley was practicing being a police dog by jumping on this suspicious looking character.

Marley was very interested in this carving that commemorated the Battle of Trafalgar.  They knew once they saw that that they were getting near to HMS Victory.

Finally we found HMS Victory, which was Nelson's flag ship at the Battle of Trafalgar and where he died.  HMS Victory was built in 1759 so it is very old and they are always repairing it.

Imagine how surprised we were to meet Nelson, I thought he had been killed on Victory but look!!

Look at how big he is, we couldn't get all of him and all of us in the picture.  Marley is hiding and you can only see Leroy, Henry and one of Henry's andfriends heads.  Its quite spooky close up to this statue, his right eye is not painted to show that he had lost it. Ugh not a good look!

On the way home Leroy found this really old wooden lifeboat from our island.  It is called Osbourne after Queen Victoria's house on at East Cowes on the island, I think that will interest @DaneRay.  He couldn't resist having his picture taken on it.  The wood work was beautiful and the brass so shiny we really knew how to make things in those days.