Monday, 30 July 2012

Start thinking of names!

I was very excited that our dear friend Jeego (@SeattleP) offered a home to a homeless baboon.  Her baboon has arrived and they look as though they are getting on well together.

Looks like fun!

Jeego has offered a prize to the person who comes up with the ideal name for her baboon.  The baboon is a cool sort of a guy who likes to hang on doors and watch the world go by.

So if you can think of a name to suit this cute, cool baboon you might win a prize.

Enter by leaving a comment on this blog, you don't have to be a member of blogger, or even following this blog, to leave a comment.  If you have trouble leaving a comment tweet to @SeattleP to leave your idea. 

The contest will close in one week's time, on Tuesday 7 August, so get thinking and leave your ideas here.

Good luck and thanks for your help!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic competition winners

Now for the biggest event in London 2012 so far, forget the opening ceremony, beach volley ball etc, here is the moment you have been waiting for!

I always feel sad annuoncing competition winners because it means that somebody else didn't win but as @OllyTed said about the #TeddyOlympics, you are all winners for entering.  I hope you will all enter other competitions and the good thing is that more and more of our friends are winning prizes all the time.

So here we go, prize winners are:

  1. The Owl or Monkey adoption prize goes to - come on Leroy draw it out!  To, to, to thank you Leroy at last, get started on the next one while I type this one, we can't wait all day.  Right back to business, the owl or monkey adoption goes to number 4 which is @DiamondBertie.  Wow, that is great, well done Leroy I know Bertie was specially interested in an owl.  Bertie please look at and let me know which owl or monkey you are interested in.  Well done Bertie!
  2. OK Leroy have you done the next one, wow, he actually has, the next one is the cat adoption prize donated by @Mr_Pie and the winner is, is, is, come on Leroy, is number 34, @MariodaCat.  Mario, please have a look at and choose a cat and then let @Mr_Pie know by DM which one you would like to adopt, its alright you won't have to look after the cat, the farm will do that for you but you will be its adopted dad!  Well done Mario!
  3. Right Leroy are we ready with our next prize winner for the T-shirt or mug from rabbit rescue in Germany (I'm waffling here because Leroy is not ready), Oh here we are he's managed it, its number 19 oh that is a rehomed baboon winning another prize, Otto from Berlin who lives with Greg and Burnie from Can Be Social.  Well done Otto, please look at and choose a T-shirt or mug and let me know what colour and size if its a T-shirt.  Wow this is great, Otto was a prize in a previous competition and his look-a-like is the next prize coming up if Leroy ever gets to it.  Well done Otto!
  4. And finally, if Leroy ever gets to it, number, number, number, this is the baboon prize, number come on Leroy I haven't asked you to climb a mountain, its number 11, and number 11 is Southsea Bear wow he will be able to wave to us from his new home.  Southsea Bear I will DM you.  Well done Southsea Bear!
So that is the prize list for this time.  I have not planned my next competition yet but I will let you know as soon as I have and I hope you will all enter again.  Well done to the winners and the people who didn't win blame Leroy, no sorry, just joking, what I really mean is better luck next time.

Thank you for your interest in my competitions and the causes.

Lots of love and enjoy the Olympics love Kolo and Leroy

Friday, 27 July 2012


Well I can't say the kitchen is finished yet because we haven't got all the doors yet, but we are baboons, nothing holds us back, we got right on with the painting.  We believe the kitchen will be finished next week apart from the lino.

We have had pale yellow walls eversince we moved here so it was a big decision to make a change.  This week we started by painting the kitchen.  At the end of the first day Rhylan and I sat back and looked at our handy work.  We can't move the fridge back until the skirting is dry of course.

I think we were justifiably quite pleased with our handiwork.

Then we got on and did some other rooms.

This is where Rhylan started to express some concern.  He felt it was a bit much having blue walls and blue carpet.  Well he was right of course, can't argue with that, but I reminded him we were changing the carpet for a neutral one.  Then he said he didn't like the yellow radiator with the blue walls but I reminded him we would be painting that.  Well Huntyr (@kyba) did tell me he is a bit of a fashion king.  He works very hard though.

By the end of today we had done everything except the bedroom and bathroom and a bit of finishing in one or two other rooms.  We expect to be finished by next Wednesday, then we can start getting the house a bit organised, but not too much because we have carpets and lino to lay the week after that.

So busy busy busy baboons!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The kitchen

Well the renovations at Baboon HQ have started and what hard work it has been.  Last week is was all delivered (well most of it we are somd doors short.  Apparently that is all part of the trial and tribulation of having a kitchend done and its a necessary part of any successful job.

On Wednesday the kitchen fitter arrived to help us baboons get the kitchen ready.  It was hard work but he was very helpful.

I am not sure how my people felt about it all baboons and kitchen fitters fit kitchens they do not and I repeat do not clean up afterwards, people have to come home from work to do that.  So on Day 1 this is what my people came home to clean up.

Frankly I don't know why they bothered to clean up because on Day 2 they came home to this. (By the way we did manage to heat up pizzas on Day 1 so all was not lost!

Well that gave them something to think about didn't it how do you clean up with no sink?  Washing up wasn't on the cards either so we went for Chinese noodles at the Hong Kong Express on Ryde seafront (highly recommended in the baboon fine dining guide by the way)!

Day 3 was meant to be the last day, but baboons and kitchen fitters always underestimate how long things will take.  Boy was there a lot of cleaning to do after Day 3, but at least some things are in cupboards now and we have a sink.  Had fish and chips but managed breakfast this morning.

So we are hard at work again today.  Here Rhylan and I are planning the day's work schedule.  We would not have been able to do any of this without Rhylan he has been fantastic.  We won't get finished today because we are missing a couple of doors and side panels but we will be able to use the kitchen to cook macaroni cheese today.

More things happening today well there will be more cleaning up, a new washing machine is being delivered and my brothers Yaya and Roko are working on some new wardrobe doors in the bedroom.

So what next I hear you ask?  Well next is painting, we are abandoning the yellow for pale blue after 12 years.  That will be the next couple of week's job.  Rhylan is staying for that.  We can't manage without his enthusiasm and hard work.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Kitchen Delivery

Remember I said Baboon HQ was going to move.  Well we changed our minds and we are staying but we are renovating the existing Baboon HQ.  New kitchen, new paint colours and new carpets plus some new furniture.  Belive me its actually cheaper than moving and we like Baboon HQ.

So its all getting started.  Today the new kitchen cupboards and worktops were delivered. Oh dear, I never thought about how big kitchen worktops are.  I was sitting, wondering and scratching my head about what to do when the doorbell rang.  I opened the door and there on the doorstep was one of our re-homed baboons, Rhylan.  We I knew he was happy in his new home so I knew he hadn't run away.

He told me he had heard about all the work we are doing and because he was so happy in his new home and grateful to Baboon HQ, that he wanted to help.

I greated him with a big hug.  I was so pleased to see him, not only cos he was helping but also because he is such a great little chap.

Rhylan seeon joined Yaya and me in sitting around scratching our heads wondering what to do.  The worktops are blocking a door and my person can't step over them to get to clothes, computer etc.  The trouble is they will be there till Wednesday.

Rhylan climbed up over the worktops to look at all the stuff in the room.  He agreed that that was not the problem so much as the worktops that humans were not tall enough to climb over.

We thought if Ryhlan and Yaya pushed.

I pulled

We might be able to move them out of the way.  However the curved staircase proved too much even for a baboon troop to handle.  Not sure what we are going to do about that.  The fitters are not here till Wednesday!

Well at least we can get up and downstairs so that is something.  So we decided to go upstairs and review the current kitchen so Rhylan could remember the size of the job we have to do and supervise.

Oh yes, Rhylan remembered its a big kitchen to fit we will take a few days to do this.

Well we think we will wait to ask our man person what he thinks we should do.  Maybe we have to climb over the worktops and get the things our person needs for a few days.  Maybe the man person will sort things out. We will see.  Baboons can do most things but this one seems a bit much.  If my person had known they would go there she could have got stuff out before they were delivered! Oh dear a baboon dilemma!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympics 2012 Competition

This competition is not be confused with #TeddyOlympics, which you should all also enter as it is tremendous fun.  In case you don't have information about that visit and join in.

Right now to my competition.  I like to run a competition to celebrate special events and what is more special than having the Olympic Games in London.  So here we go.


What are the prizes?

  1. A monkey or owl adoption from the Owl and Monkey Haven in Newport, Isle of Wight I promise to visit the winner's monkey or owl and tell them all about their new adoptive parent.
  2. A lovely prize donated by our great friend on Twitter Mr Pie.  This is a cat adoption from  There are some lovely cats there who really need our help so do have a look at them.
  3. A bunny T-shirt or mug from our dear Twitter friend Miriam's website the money from the T-shirt or mug will help the bunnies in the sanctuary
  4. The chance to adopt a really cute baboon like this one and give him (or her) a loving home

What happens if one of the prizes is not suitable for me?

When you enter the competition you can say if there is a prize that you would prefer not to win.

How do I enter?

There are three ways to enter.

  1. Leave a message on this blog to say you would like to enter.  If you do not have a blogger account and are leaving the message annoymously please give your Twitter or Can Be Social name.
  2. Send me a DM on Twitter.  If I do not follow you send me a message asking me to follow you so you an DM me.
  3. Leave a message on my Can Be Social profile page.
When will the prize draw take place?

The competition will be drawn on 28 July, the day after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.  I would not like to overshadow the great Olympic opening ceremony with my competition draw.

Who will do the prize draw and how will it be done?

My brother, Leroy Sealion on Twitter is so excited about the games that I have decided that he should make the draw this time.  He will use a random number generator to pick the four winners.

How will I know if I have won?

I will announce the winners on this blog and contact them directly via DM on Twitter or a message on Can Be Social.

Good luck to everyone.  I always want everyone to win!


Love from Kolo