Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic competition winners

Now for the biggest event in London 2012 so far, forget the opening ceremony, beach volley ball etc, here is the moment you have been waiting for!

I always feel sad annuoncing competition winners because it means that somebody else didn't win but as @OllyTed said about the #TeddyOlympics, you are all winners for entering.  I hope you will all enter other competitions and the good thing is that more and more of our friends are winning prizes all the time.

So here we go, prize winners are:

  1. The Owl or Monkey adoption prize goes to - come on Leroy draw it out!  To, to, to thank you Leroy at last, get started on the next one while I type this one, we can't wait all day.  Right back to business, the owl or monkey adoption goes to number 4 which is @DiamondBertie.  Wow, that is great, well done Leroy I know Bertie was specially interested in an owl.  Bertie please look at and let me know which owl or monkey you are interested in.  Well done Bertie!
  2. OK Leroy have you done the next one, wow, he actually has, the next one is the cat adoption prize donated by @Mr_Pie and the winner is, is, is, come on Leroy, is number 34, @MariodaCat.  Mario, please have a look at and choose a cat and then let @Mr_Pie know by DM which one you would like to adopt, its alright you won't have to look after the cat, the farm will do that for you but you will be its adopted dad!  Well done Mario!
  3. Right Leroy are we ready with our next prize winner for the T-shirt or mug from rabbit rescue in Germany (I'm waffling here because Leroy is not ready), Oh here we are he's managed it, its number 19 oh that is a rehomed baboon winning another prize, Otto from Berlin who lives with Greg and Burnie from Can Be Social.  Well done Otto, please look at and choose a T-shirt or mug and let me know what colour and size if its a T-shirt.  Wow this is great, Otto was a prize in a previous competition and his look-a-like is the next prize coming up if Leroy ever gets to it.  Well done Otto!
  4. And finally, if Leroy ever gets to it, number, number, number, this is the baboon prize, number come on Leroy I haven't asked you to climb a mountain, its number 11, and number 11 is Southsea Bear wow he will be able to wave to us from his new home.  Southsea Bear I will DM you.  Well done Southsea Bear!
So that is the prize list for this time.  I have not planned my next competition yet but I will let you know as soon as I have and I hope you will all enter again.  Well done to the winners and the people who didn't win blame Leroy, no sorry, just joking, what I really mean is better luck next time.

Thank you for your interest in my competitions and the causes.

Lots of love and enjoy the Olympics love Kolo and Leroy


  1. yay well dun leroy on pickin th numbahs nd congratyewlayshuns too ebearywun who won *hug hug*

    wot a grayt contest snuffy yew ar beary kind nd jenerous! i howp ebearywun enjoys th olympics too!

  2. Many congratulations to those lucky winners there!!! - though it is the taking pawt that counts ey (notice the pun, 'paw' - ha ha! ??? well, it was one of my best humorous efforts yet, don't worry, I will not give up the day job ey!) x

  3. Aw, well done all da winners....