Saturday, 18 June 2011

A very special arrival

Yesterday the postman arrived with a very special parcel for me and Leroy. It said it was from Germany on the envelope. We could here somebody moving around inside so we opened it quickly. Imagine what a surprise we had when we meet Hennes the Koln Football Club mascot, to be more precise Mookie's (@Schnille) Koln mascot sent to us in Mookie's memory by his brothers Poldi and @F_R_E_D_I, his sister @fuzzyFreya, the piggies Mozart and Narler and their mum and really from Mookie.
I was so excited I hugged and hugged and hugged him to welcome him. It was like hugging Mookie as well. Some of you might recognise Hennes from Mookie's blog. Leroy and I were so touched that Mookie's family believe that he would have wanted Hennes to live with us made us so emotional we actually cried.
Hennes quickly made himself at home and started meeting some of the family.
You probably saw him hugging Gunner, the Arsenal Football Club mascot, on fuzzyFreya's Twitpic. He was amazed when her met Gunner here cos this Gunner is biggggg! They chatted about football and being mascots for ages.
We showed Hennes around our football collection. He is used to Arsenal but was a little less keen on the England memorabelia as it is mostly from 1966. However, he enjoyed meeting all the world cup mascots and chatting with them.
Hennes was pleased to find that he was not the only German here. He met our German sister Snowdrop who came from Frankfurt from @RetteKaninchen. Hennes was very gentle with her and they talked a lot. They didn't seem to agree about what football team to support but otherwise got on really well.
Hennes had brought a guide book to Koln for Leroy. Poldi sent it for Leroy as Leroy will be visiting him in Koln this year.
Leroy is so excited about going to Koln that he wasted no time in reading the book so he could look at the places he will see. He can't wait to go and meet @fuzzyFreya, @F_R_E_D_I and his special fellow lion mascot friend @Poldi and their mum.
Thank you so much to Mookie's family for thinking of us and allowing Hennes to come and live with us. We promise to look after him well and give him lots of football to watch. He misses all of you but he is settling in well.