Monday, 9 December 2013

Two more rehomings

I am pleased to say that two more baboons have been happily rehomed.

The first to arrive went to our friend Ralphy (@RalphyRua2).  Ruben arrived quite quickly as he didn't have too far to go.

When Reuben arrived he peered out of his package to check out his new environment.  He obviously liked it because he came out and met Ralphy.

They seem to be getting on well.  Is it me or is there a similarity there?  Two handsome chaps anyway!

Then he met Ralphy's friend Ducky.  They seem to be getting on well too.

Well it looks as though Reuben is happy in his new home and surrounded by friends.

The other baboon to arrive in his new home joined already re-homed baboon Jens, in Germany.  Per (named after the famous Arsenal and Germany defender) arrived with treats.

That assured him a warm welcome!  Jens seems to be happy with the jaffa cakes, but then who wouldn't be?

I hear Jens and Per are getting on very well and getting up to mischief.

I am glad these baboons arrived in their new homes by Christmas.  There are other baboons here at baboon HQ, looking for homes, so if anyone is keen to re-home a baboon (or another baboon to keep your existing baboon company), let me know, either here on the blog or by DM on Twitter.

Thank you for reading.  HUGS HUGS HUGS, Kolo!