Sunday, 28 February 2010


I was very happy and surprised to receive six Valentine's cards this year, one of them was for our whole family. I had never had a Valentine's card before and never expected to get one. In England St Valentine's Day is thought of as a romantic event so people would usually only send cards to their romantic partners or somebody that they hope might become their romantic partner.
In the United States there appears to be a different view of St Valentine's Day our US friends send cards and gifts to their friends and family. Why have we never thought about this, its a wonderful thing to do, what a wonderful opportunity to show the people who mean the most to you that you love them. I know that some people might be cynical about this and say it is a wonderful opportunity for card manufacturers to make money, but hey come on folks its lovely to get Valentine's cards and know that people care about you, so resist the temptation to be cynical and copy our US pals. Show people that you care about them and remember you don't have to wait till Valentine's Day lets show everyone we love how we feel while we have the chance.
So readers this is my message, you all mean a lot to me I am so happy that you are my friends and I love all of you lots and lots.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010



This is my first ever blog entry so I am excited and nervous. I thought I would kick-off by talking about something that I am well known for, that is hugging. All my friends on Twitter know that I do a lot of hugging, I try to fill up all my messages with HUGS so if there are any spaces left in the 140 characters I fill them with hugs and I feel disappointed if there is no space for HUGS. I often add another message just to include the hugs.

I was very honoured and proud to take part in the #teddyolympics HUGGING event on 13 February and to win medals. This confirmed my hugging abilities. Hugging can be done in many ways, a gentle hug for a smaller less robust anipal or a national treasure, or a fun rough and tumble hug for a whole team of pals such as the other supporters of your football team. Like the one below. Hugging is fun and very good for your health and that of the friends that you hug. It is highly recommended as an activity in which everyone should participate.

So why did I take up Hugging as my way of being a good friend?

Well everyone is born or made with potential for something, there is no point in trying to excel in something that you are not born with the attributes for. Now I am a baboon and what do baboons have? Baboons have long arms, some people might say disproportionately long arms but that would be their opinion. For a baboon long arms are proportionate! What are long arms good for? Well that is simple, they are good for hugging! So its physiological I was born with the potential to be a good hugger. As well all know being born with potential for something isn't enough on its own is it! Training is always required for any activity in which you wish to excel. Some things that people and anipals train for are not so pleasurable, they may involve running out in the rain or getting up early to go to the gym, but hugging, now that is different, training for hugging is pure pleasure. I get to hug all my pals all the time and its not just for training purposes it is because I love all of them and want to show them that and my way of doing it is to hug them. If a friend is sad or unwell a gentle hug can have great healing powers. If they are happy a robust playful hug can show them that you are also happy for them. Mostly you just hug because you want to hug that pal. Hugging is a langauge of its own and its the thing that I am best at and I love doing.

So HUGS HUGS HUGS to everyone who reads this blog!


Monday, 22 February 2010


Hello this is my first blog post and I'm just trying it out I will start writing about stuff here. Please follow my blog and find out about Kolo's word.

Love from Kolo