Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine competition winners

Firstly thank you to everyone who entered the competition.  I always hate this part because I wanted everyone to win and they never do all win.  However, the good bit is telling the winners that they did win and I notice that over time more and more friends have one a prize in my competitions so eventually I think everyone will win.

The winners of the Valentine competition are:

1. The winner of the Zack Rabbit mug is - @pumpkinpuddy.  Pumpkin I will send you instructions by DM on Twitter.

2. The winner of the monkey or owl adoption is - @nocrybabydogs.  Daffy I will send you instructions by DM on Twitter.

3. The winner of the Owl and Monkey Sanctuary mug is - @justanothertrend. Hurley I will get in touch with you on Twitter.

4. The winner of the rabbit mug or T-shirt is - @wirdnerves. I will also get in touch with your on Twitter and send you instructions.

Well done to all the winners.  Remember everyone else, you have all won my heart.  Watch out for my Easter competition coming up next!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Flat pack

As most of you know we have been doing some renovations at Baboon HQ. One thing that we really wanted was a bigger kitchen table. Our old one was supposed to accommodate six but they would have to be six very tiny people.

We decided that when the renovations were over we would get one. We went to that famous Swedish shop that is famous for meatballs as well as flat pack furniture and we found the one we wanted and ordered it online. Yesterday was the day for it to arrive.  But then it needed to be assembled. We did the chairs OK yesterday but the table seemed difficult. We decided to leave it till today. Some of the bigger baboons at Baboon HQ set to work this morning.

While Yaya Baboon and I scratched our heads Freddy baboon took the opportunity to pose for a picture.  What a lot of pieces.

We realised that we would need to use power tools. I felt that the smaller baboons should stay away at this stage.

WARNING: Power tools can be dangerous and must be handled with care!!

Eventually we managed to assemble it.

Oh dear but Roko Baboon, Yaya Baboon, Denis Baboon, Thierry Baboon and Austin Baboon were puzzled about how to get it upright.  In the end we all worked together with help of our humans to get it on its legs.

Oh dear but we seemed to have an extra piece.  Yaya and I were worried about this, what can we have missed.  Then we realised it was the middle piece that could be used to extent it further.

Once we had fitted the extending piece Freddy Baboon was worried that it was too long.  Well he wasn't really he just likes to get into a picture.  We soon found that you can store the extending piece under the rest and we slid that into place.

Edward Baboon, Marley Baboon and I decided that we needed to try it out. We decided we might need some cushion pads for the chairs and the boys are a little bit low here, but that will be easy to get.

Once we had got our table covering on it all fitted fine and looked nice. I will look for another stool like mine for the the other end, get a new table cover and some sushion pads and then it will all be done.

Our lovely pepper grinder baboon is very happy and that is what matters because he lives on the kitchen table.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Valentine competition

Hi y'all its nearly that time of year again when we all think about our loved ones.

Yes February 14th, Valentine's day is less than two weeks away.  I love all of my friends equally so I prefer to run a competition rather than sending cards.

As usual, in my competitions, all the prizes are first prizes.  There are always primate prizes and as Valentines day tells us that spring is almost here, I have decided that rabbit prizes are a nice way of celebrating the imminence of spring.

So what are the prizes Kolo? I hear you ask.  Well here they are.

  1. A mug of your choice from the Zack Rabbit Zazzle shop. After all what better anipal than Zack to help us celebrate Valentine's day!

2. A T-shirt or mug of your choice from @RettetKaninchen's rabbit haven shop.

3. An owl or monkey adoption of your choice from the Owl and Monkey sanctuary on my island.

4. An owl and primate mug from the owl and monkey haven on my island, showing all your favourite owls and monkeys.


Who can enter?

Anyone can enter, if you have won a prize before you are still very welcome to enter, the more who enter the more fun we have.

How do I enter?

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Leave a message on this blog saying that you would like to enter.
  2. Send me a Direct Message on Twitter saying you would like to enter.
  3. Send me a private message on Can Be Social to say you would like to enter.
How will the prize winners be chosen?

I do not judge between my friends so I don't ask you to make sure your message is cleverer than anyone elses or anything like that.  I could never choose between friends.  What happens is that each entrant is given a number in the order they enter.  We use a random number generator to draw the prizes.  Usually I ask one of the other baboons here or a rehomed friend or one of my other friends like Leroy to draw it.  I could never do it myself.

How will the winners be notified?

I will do a blog entry announcing the winners and I will send direct messages on Twitter or private messages on Can be Social to let you know whether you have won.

Thank you for your interest in my competition.  Please enter and tell all your friends.