Sunday, 28 August 2016

A rather belated blog

There has been so much going on a Baboon HQ lately that we have not blogged for ages.  This blog is about a lovely day we had in London with some Twitter pals.

It was a bit of a grey old day when we boarded Red Funnel's Red Eagle ferry in East Cowes, but Mini-Kolo loves the car ferry, whatever the weather.

This is not the ferry we usually get, it goes from East Cowes to Southampton, which makes it slightly easier to drive to London.

When Mini-Kolo got to London it was much sunnier, he was excited about going on the London Underground.  He went from Richmond to South Kensington.  For those of you who know London you will know that the big museums are in South Kensington and he was headed for the Victoria and Albert Museum (known as the V&A).

In the V&A cafe Mini-Kolo met Ilana, Gromek Cat's new family member, who Gromek calls Burble.  Ilana seemed to be quite keen on Mini-Kolo.

Gromek's baboon, Dwayne, was not going to be left out and he joined the party.  We had a lovely lunch and got our feet wet in the paddling pool.  London was quite hot.

By the time we got back to Southampton it was hot there too and Mini-Kolo wanted to open the ferry window.  He loved watching the cars loading.

It was lovely to see Gromek's family again.  We will not be able to see them again in Boston as they have moved right across the country, but maybe another time.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ozil explores

Hi, another lovely day at Baboon HQ and no work today so we went for another walk.  Ozil wanted to be n the pictures, and I am sure you will agree that he is the best dressed baboon at HQ.  We drove to Arreton and walked along another disused railway.

You can tell it was a railway because of the railway gates.

We came to Merstone Station, where Ozil was surprised to find that somebody had left their luggage on the platform for so long that it had turned to stone.

There was a little confusion here because Ozil was not sure whether he was following the Troll Trail, or

The Red Squirrel Trail!!  We get red squirrels on the island, no grey ones, but we do not often see them as they are much shyer than the grey ones.  We have never actually seen one on this trail.  However, we have never really seen a troll either.  Or perhaps we have.  Mini-Breeze found one, when he was visiting.

The island is full of rhododendron plants, at the moment, and Ozil likes them a lot.  He found these fine bushes near the car.

Well today is another lovely day and we will go on another adventure.  We are not getting all the things done that we had hoped to this week, but the weather is so nice!!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Aboo's outing

Another lovely day, and no work, so we had another outing.  This time Aboo wanted to be in the pictures.  He is quite a character!  We did a favourite walk.

We started at Freshwater Bay and climbed up onto the Downs.  Aboo was quite proud of himself for doing that and he looked back at where he had been.  Then we climbed up Tennyson Down.

This was a bit much for Aboo and he dramatically stretched out on a bench claiming to be exhausted.

After a rest he had a look at the Tennyson memorial and explored his surroundings a bit.

He looked over at the mainland.

He checked out the distances to various places.

From there he looked at where we would be going next.  We were walking right to the end of the island, above the Needles.  He was pleased to see that the next part would be down hill.

From there he climbed a tree to see the views.  He looked in all directions.

All rather beautiful!  It's good to be a baboon and be able to climb trees because you can see a lot more things.

We walked to the end of the island and back to the foot of Tennyson Down.

Aboo was a bit put out to see that he had to climb again.

He put up a bit of a protest, folded arms, not doing it!!

Oh well, it worked, he managed to hitch a lift!!  Well done Aboo!

Finally lunch.  We went to the Dandelion Cafe in the Haven walking holidays hotel.  Aboo is a skinny chap but he eats plenty.  He couldn't make up his mind between the humus with pitta or the nachos with sour cream and salsa, so he decided to have a bit of both.

More adventures to come!!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Hot day out!

We are having very good weather on Baboon Island, so Harry decided to go out and see the sights.  He did a walk that Russell did recently, the Freshwater Way.

This walk takes you along a disused railway track alongside the River Yar (there are two rivers on the island called Yar, this is the West Yar, guess what the other one is called).  Harry climbed up to check the tide, which was clearly out.

A little further on, and out of the trees, he could see more.  He looked towards where we were going and back towards Yarmouth where we started, you can just see the expensive boats there.

We reached the causeway at Freshwater, where Harry had a rest.  He wanted to talk to ducks but the tide was too far out. After that we turned off the disused railway and soon we were in fields.

First Harry looked towards where we were going, the hill ahead of him is the home of the Freshwater golf club and then you get to the sea.  He also saw some horses but they seemed big so he kept his distance.

After the golf club we turned inland again, through a nature reserve and into fields backing onto a hotel.  Harry found that not all horses are quite so big.  These ones were far less scary.

After walking eight miles it was time for lunch at Gossips Cafe in Yarmouth.  Harry could choose between the cheese, ham and pineapple melt without ham, or the cheese ham and pineapple melt without pineapple.  I can see he is leaning towards the one with pineapple.

After lunch he had a look at Yarmouth Harbour.  This monster ate the wood beams in the old pier.  Harry was brave to climb on him.

The Yarmouth lifeboat was in the harbour so Harry had a look.  He likes lifeboats.

Then he looked at some expensive boats in the harbour.  On balance we baboons prefer to stay on land so he didn't want to actually go on them.

Harry had a great day out and it was very warm.  He did remember to put sunscreen on and we hope all of you do to.

Thank you for reading.  More adventures to come.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Cadbury tweet-up adventure

This weekend we had a different sort of adventure.  We went to a tweet-up at Cadbury chocolate factory, which is in the midlands of England, near Birmingham.  As we live in the south of England we did not want to do the trip in one day so we drove up the day before and stayed in Stratford-on-Avon in Warwickshire.

This meant leaving home early and going on the car ferry.  Harry brought the mini-muffins along for breakfast.

We took a leisurely drive up via Hampshire and Oxfordshire.  My person was very happy to go through Oxfordshire and see where her grandfather came from.  Just outside the lovely Oxfordshire, Cotsworlds town of Chipping Norton, we found the Artyard Cafe.  Harry couldn't choose between carrot cake and chocolate cheesecake.

Mini-Kolo found this motorbike and went for a ride.

When we got to Stratford we needed to look for evidence of Shakespeare.  Harry found Hamlet and got acquainted with Yorick's skull.  It may not have been quite respectful.

We went for a walk along the river Avon and found a lock.  Harry had trouble climbing up and got there just as Mini-Kolo fell off.  We walked on quite a long way.

Eventually we turned back to go back to Stratford.  Harry checked out the way by finding signposts.

We were hungry and it was time for lunch so we went to a great tea shop and had a vegetable tikka baguette.  It was enormous and Harry and Mini-Kolo shared this one.

We didn't have a cream tea but Harry checked out these scones, enormous!!

After lunch we walked around Stratford and met this enormous teddy.  We are not sure what character he is representing.

By this time our paws were tired and we checked into the hotel and put our paws up for a while.  That was a welcome break.

On Saturday morning we made our way to Bournville for the Cadbury tweet-up.  We arrived despite the SatNav.

While we were waiting for the others, at Cadbury, Mini-Kolo and Harry decided to check out the Cadbury cow to make sure it was safe for all the others.  Baboons are good climbers so they are right to do the checking.  Mini-Kolo found a little niche on the tail.

Everyone arrived Tour Guide Ted, Ker'd, Tired Teacher Ted, SallyJainW, Lucky, Bluey and Honey and us.  The baboon behind Mini-Kolo is Sally's rehomed baboon Betsy Pawwood, named after Beset Trotwood in David Copperfield.  She is Ryan Baboon's sister so he was glad we had met her.

Then came the cow scramble!!  Mini-Kolo kept his safe place in the tail, he falls off things often.

So time to enter the Cadbury exhibition.

Mini-Kolo couldn't wait to get in on the chocolate act with TGT's Theo!!

Next thing we knew we found ourselves in a rain forest, where we learned the history of chocolate.  That was very interesting and later we learned about the history of Cadbury which was fascinating.

We loved the chocolate shapes.  Harry specially liked the football.

After the trip around the exhibition and a visit to the shop we got acquainted with Ker'd over lunch.  He has come to England all the way from Ohio and is having fun adventures and meeting Twitter pals.

After all that adventuring we were very hungry and went to the White Swan Hotel in Stratford for fish and chips.  These were lovely and manperson reported that the beer was also good.

It was great to meet all of you and we hope to meet you again.  We will see some of you at the IOW tweet up in July.  We missed Martha B Bear because she was involved with her football team's great achievement, but we will see you in July Martha.