Saturday, 22 October 2011


Hello everyone I am sorry I haven't blogged for a while its been hard with my person's new job as my last blog post explained.  Now I have news, a big surprise so I wanted to share it with my friends.

You all know me and most of you are aware of my bruvva Yaya who came to live with us a year ago, but look how many baboon there are in our house now.

Yes, there are five of us now three baboons and two mandrills Kolo, Roco and Yaya at the back and Arne and Archie at the front.  However, look at this next picture.

You may have noticed that one of the new baboons looks rather like me, although he is a smaller version, he is my new brother Roco.  He came all the way fro Texas which just confirms what I knew in my heart all along, I am a Texan.  He is my new younger brother, we rescued him from eBay where he was looking for a new home.  We couldn't believe it when we saw him looking so like me.  He is less than half my size but he does look rather like me doesn't he.

We gave him an Arsenal shirt like Yaya's straight away and now he is having to learn all about that.  Of course he is also a Longhorn's fan like me and Yaya although I don't think Yaya is Texan I think he is from one of the northern states of the US.

Yesterday when my person arrived home from work they found a package wriggling about outside the door so we knwo what that was.  When we opened it we knew this was my new brother, he is darker than me but I used to be dark like that too so he may fade a bit like I have.  He will be able to help me cos I am really far too big to go out and friends who have met me lately have seen that my skin on my face is cracking a bit and getting delicate so I cannot go out if it is at all damp, but he can and he will be easier to carry around than I am.  It will also free me up to do my new job of advising Mr Wenger on the running of Arsenal.

Well so now we are a troup of five young baboons who play together and have fun.  We all have our jobs to do, we do some household chores and I help to run Arsenal.  We also help our people after they have had a hard day at work and the little mandrill, Arne, sometimes goes to work with people if they are going to have a hard day.

We are very happy and we feel that our family is large enough now.  Obviously if more baboons need to be rescued we would do that and we would always make room for the baboon like me who works in the shop when he needs a home, but we are quite a handful now aren't we!

So a new bruvva in the Martin household I hope he will like it here, we are welcoming him with all of our favourite foods, fish and chips yesterday,  homemade pizza today and macaroni and cheese tomorrow.  Not the healthiest of weekends but its important to welcome a baboon with food he will like.  Of course we also have to buy extra bananas now as well.

From December 2003 to September 2010, when Yaya arrived, I was the only baboon here, look at us now!