Sunday, 24 August 2014

Update on Tilly's Baboon

Tilly has told us the name of her baboon and posted some great pictures so I thought I would just update you.

Tilly's baboon is called Waylon, after the singer Waylon Jennings.  We will have to find out more about him! Tilly's mum says that Tilly's baboon sings like Waylon Jennings.

Tilly and Waylon are obviously great friends already.  Look!!

Isn't that a great hug!! You can see that they are going to be great friends.  Waylon is no fool he knew how to get Tilly's interested!!

They look as though they are discussing that treat don't they!!

Well Tilly gave Waylon gifts too.

Waylon is a baboon so the packaging interested him too!

But look at the wonderful gifts he was given.  All the baboon favourite snacks!!

Isn't the sunflower lovely too and look all those lovely nutty snacks.  I think Waylon is going to be very happy in his new home!  Living the dream!!

Thank you Tilly for making Waylon so happy. HUGS HUGS HUGS

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

July 2014 rehomings

Well, here's the thing!!  I closed the rehoming programme for a while and then promptly rehomed two baboons in June (see previous blog), and two in July.  That really is it for a while as there are not homeless baboons here at HQ right now.  The programme will restart at some point soon though.

The first baboon to be rehomed was a very special rehoming.  @TigerBoyCat's cousin Izzy (not a Tweeter) had had kitties on the street and they were taken away, so she needed someone to love.  It started with Tiger very kindly lending her his baboon, Mandi, but he really needs him to help him with watching birds. Those birds can be too much for one watcher and they can easily get out of hand, let alone the squirrels!! Izzy clearly loved him, so we sent her a baboon of her own.  He doesn't have a name yet but we know he and Izzy will get on really well.

Our friend @Chanttilly_Lace also asked about having a baboon.  I had chatted to her before about adoption and now she felt she was ready to adopt one.  He also doesn't have a name yet but he has been welcomed heartily by Tilly!!

I am sure both baboons will be really loved and happy in their new homes and that we will hear more about them soon.

Thank you to all baboon rehomers. I really love it that you have given baboons happy homes.  The total is now 105!!


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Banana chocolate tasting

This is the blog post you have all been waiting for.  The inhabitants of Baboon HQ have been exhaustively tasting banana chocolate products to find the best ones for you.  Usually @JezzerBear is the official chocolate taster.  However, we agreed that this particular project needed primate input.

We had never really thought about banana and chocolate until Mini-Kolo/Jackson visited the chocolate museum in Cologne with @bijntje, @fuzziestFreyer and @F_is_for_Fred.  He found banana chocolate in the exhibition and the shop.  So we thought we really needed to find out more about this.

All the baboons and our humans were involved in the tasting, but we needed a tasting panel to manage each product.  We had five products.  Well actually we had four but Mini-Kolo had also tried some banana chocolate that he bought in Cologne, hence he has an empty wrapper here.


We started with Little Tony.  @TourGuide Ted had given me some of the new Cadbury's banana caramel chocolate and Little Tony presented this product to the panel.  As with all the products, all the baboons tasted it.  It is based on Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, with which all of our British readers will be familiar.  You get the familiar Cadbury's chocolate taste and it has pieces of banana caramel in it.  It was interesting.  The taste was very nice, but you do have to watch out for the banana caramel, let it soften in your mouth, other wise it can be rather hard on the teeth, especially for humans.  Tony collected opinions and the baboons and people thought it was very nice.  Highly recommended!!

Thierry is pictured with this product, because he is so photogenic, but actually I presented it.  It is the Brocks Chocs Banana Chocolate bar.  This is a mid priced product, over £2 a bar.  It is a very dark chocolate with a banana flavour.  We liked this, at first it just tastes like dark chocolate, the banana taste comes later.  The baboons liked it, one human liked it more than the other.  Overall a smooth product with a pleasant bananary after taste.  Highly recommended!!

Jack presented Prestat Banoffee Truffles, described as bananas and toffee with a whisper of coffee.  This is one of those special product for a special occasion, as it costs between £11 and £12.  Biteing into this product gave a very pleasant banoffee flavour.  You could tell it was banoffee and not plain banana.  The baboons loved this product and one of the people did too, the other person found it a little sweet.  We felt it was one for a special occasion.  Highly recommended!!
Our supermodel baboon Thierry presented a banoffee pie bar from Gnaw in Norfolk, England.  This is another banoffee product.  Again, when you put it in your mouth it tastes of banoffee rather than plain banana.  We baboons and one of our humans really liked this, but the other human also found this one a little sweet for him.  It is worth bearing in mind that he doesn't really go for very sweet things or white chocolate so take his opinion if you feel the same way.  Highly recommended!!
 Jackson/Mini-Kolo can tell you about his bar, and only he, one of our people and @LeroySealion actually tried it.  We don't blame them for this as this was a snack they had on the flight home.  Over to Jackson, try to sound grown up Jackson!

The manufacturer is shokomonk, a German company and the bar is Bananasplit.  It was white chocolate with darker pieces in it.  The overall taste was really nice and even Leroy, who is a lion and therefore not such a banana eater as we are, really liked it as well.  We would have got hold of more but we can only get it in catering packs of about 50 online.  I don't see the problem with that but the humans didn't get it.  Our person liked it very much as well.  It was a real treat, when our people go to Germany again we will get them to buy some for us all to try.  Highly recommended if you can get it!


All of these products were nice and which you choose depends on what you like, what the occasion is and where you are.  For British readers Cadbury's is easy to get, we have seen it in most sweet shops and convenience stores now.  The banoffee products and Brocks Chocs we bought online, through Amazon although there are other outlets.  The shokomonk we highly recommend to our German friends.  We would have all of them again.

We hope this will help you make a decision.