Wednesday, 20 August 2014

July 2014 rehomings

Well, here's the thing!!  I closed the rehoming programme for a while and then promptly rehomed two baboons in June (see previous blog), and two in July.  That really is it for a while as there are not homeless baboons here at HQ right now.  The programme will restart at some point soon though.

The first baboon to be rehomed was a very special rehoming.  @TigerBoyCat's cousin Izzy (not a Tweeter) had had kitties on the street and they were taken away, so she needed someone to love.  It started with Tiger very kindly lending her his baboon, Mandi, but he really needs him to help him with watching birds. Those birds can be too much for one watcher and they can easily get out of hand, let alone the squirrels!! Izzy clearly loved him, so we sent her a baboon of her own.  He doesn't have a name yet but we know he and Izzy will get on really well.

Our friend @Chanttilly_Lace also asked about having a baboon.  I had chatted to her before about adoption and now she felt she was ready to adopt one.  He also doesn't have a name yet but he has been welcomed heartily by Tilly!!

I am sure both baboons will be really loved and happy in their new homes and that we will hear more about them soon.

Thank you to all baboon rehomers. I really love it that you have given baboons happy homes.  The total is now 105!!



  1. So happy Izzy has a baboon of her own to love! Efurry home should have a baboon! Can't wait to hear the names of these two rehomed baboons!
    You're so pawsome to continue the rehoming program Kolo! The world needs more baboon ((HUGS)) - there's nothing like them!
    Petie the baboon sends ((HUGS)) and lots of love to all at #BaboonHQ!

  2. Appawse fur new homings, yay!!! So nise to hav a baboon in yur life, yessirree! Bravo Hugmeister Kolo!!!!!

  3. CJ @PantherQueen25 August 2014 at 03:55

    Baboon rehomings warm my fuzzy little heart!

  4. Always make us warm to see da baboons in der noo omes Kolo my pal...