Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Most of you probably know that my person has been at home with us for the last year with no proper job.  It was hard in a way but we did enjoy spending time together watching DVDs, going for walks, having days out with friends  and having lots of fun.  Now there are only a few days left before my person starts a new job so that is going to mean changes at home.

This was one of the many lovely days out that we had at the monkey sanctuary with @henryandfriends and @bear_berkeley but there were many more and I am sure we will have days out again.  But now we will have to organise things differently.

I will have to watch DVDs on my own, thank goodness my person taught me how to lie on the sofa.

I will be able to read my books, I have some great books written by my friends @henryandfriends, @eldritchdragon and @tales_from_the_burrow.

and I will be able to play with my toys, here is my favourite robotic dinosaur!

I enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine with my brother Yaya.

But I think we can also be helpful to my people cos they will be more busy than before.  I have been learning to do some dusting.

and I have always done cooking sometimes with my brother Yaya.

I can also take charge of the gardening.

So I think we will be helpful to our people and of course Leroy will supervise he is good at that.

But there is one problem.

I can play with the computer but I am not good at tweeting or blogging without help from my person.  We intend to keep on tweeting and blogging but when my person starts their job we may have less time for a while as we are all getting used to our new way of life and at the beginning we might all be tired in the evenings.  So if you do not see us around for a while please do not worry we are OK and we have not forgotten you all we are just busy and will be on when we can.

We have a treat planned for this Sunday and we will blog about that but probably not until the following weekend and we are going to see Arsenal on the following Saturday so you might not see our news and pictures very much for a few days after next Saturday but we will be thinking of you all and we will be back.

When we go to the Arsenal game we will be leaving a pile of HUGS HUGS HUGS for a special friend who we don't get to see at the moment but who will be sending somebody to pick them up a few weeks later.  The stewards at the ground will keep them for them and although that friend won't see them they will know they are there and that we think about them and that they will be taking HUGS HUGS HUGS home with them.

So everybody we will be around for the next few days but then we might be a bit quiet for a while we won't have gone away just being a little bit busy and getting used to things.

HUGS HUGS HUGS to everyone and we'll see you when we can.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Not Unique

Everyone who knows me knows that this is me, Kolo Martin.  I don't know about you but I have never seen a boy who looks like me before and neither have my people. So imagine our amazement when we were walking through another town on our island last Friday and saw this.

I knew I wasn't really the only baboon like me around, they must have made more, but I did think I was probably the only one on our island. 

My person was quite emotional when she saw him, it was quite a shock.  My people were not looking for another baboon and neither was I but we did feel that we needed to find out whether he needed a home, we couldn't leave him there if he did but we tried not to get our hopes up.

The shop was closed and we rang the number in the window for several days.  Today finally the shop was open and we spoke to the lady who owns it.  She told us that he has a responsible job in the shop and she needs him there.  We were a little disappointed but we did understand.  We asked her if she would let us know if she changed her mind and she said that another lady was interested in him too but if she no longer wanted him she would let us know as she would be clearing out the shop in the next 18 months.  She did tell us he was very popular and lots of people wanted to buy him but she had said no to all of them.

Well we had to accept that and you know our friend Henry (@Henryandfriends from Twitter) would say it will happen if it is meant to be.  We will wave to him and say hello when we pass the shop and when the day comes that they close down we might be lucky but if not we will know that he will go to a home where he is really wanted, so although we are a bit sad we are happy for him he has a job he likes now and when he finishes he will go to a loving home like mine.

I learnt a few things too.  I learnt that I'm not the only baboon on the island, that feels a little but funny but also quite nice in a way and also that not all baboons are the same even if they look similar.  This baboon has responsibilities whereas I live in a place where everything is done for me and I am cuddled a lot.  I hope this baboon also gets cuddles when he gets to his new home, he looks as though he has not been handled much yet.  I learnt that sometimes you can't get what you want and you have to wait and still maybe not get it.  I also learned that my people love me so much that they were willing to go to lots of trouble to find out whether a boy like me needed help.

We are sad and a little disappointed but we understand and know that this baboon will also have a loving home one day even if it is not with us in the meantime he has a job he likes.  I am happy that we did go to some trouble to find out about him and if we ever saw another boy like me we would do the same thing again to make sure he was OK.