Saturday, 30 March 2013

What a week at Baboon HQ

Hello everyone, we have had quite a week at Baboon HQ.  Firstly two of the March rehomed baboons have reached their new homes and got great names.

The first baboon didn't have to travel very far at all, just across the 3 miles of water and west along the coast abit, where he soon found his way to Chalky Bear (@chalkybear13).  His dancing and bopping ability showed itself pretty quickly and he got the name of Joe Baboonamassa!  Here is Joe being welcomed by the Chalky Bear family.  See he is already hugging his new pals.

He soon starting hanging ou like baboons do and enjoying his new home.  They started him off with a banana, so we know he will be a happy baboon!

The next baboon took pretty much the same route but had to go a little further north and west to meet his new pals @MumbasGabig.  They called him Tartuffo, as he is as dark as a truffle and as treasured as a truffle!  Baboon HQ's youngest baboon Freddy is his brother and Freddy was very pleased to see him so happy.

You can see these two bonded very quickly and went for a country walk.
The next day was cold so they stayed in and played the piano.
But we know Gabig likes to be outside and the next day they went rock climbing on the beach, in the wind.

I can see that Tartuffo is going to have a fun and varied life and be very busy.

Thank you to Chalky and Gabig for giving happy homes to these two baboons.  I hope Basta's baboon arrives in New Zealand soon, that is a long, long journey and I understand that, as an English baboon, he has suffered some shyness about the recent performance of our cricket team in New Zealand, he may be hiding a while until the laughing dies down a bit.

What else happened, well apart from exploding hairdryers, we had a very interesting moon this week.  We did our best to get a good picture and at least we did get a picture.

It is not very clear but you can see it was very orange.  Firstly we thought it was Mars but it was the moon.  I wonder why it gets so orange sometimes.  We have seen it orange before since we moved here (never in London), but we have never seen it that orange.  If anyone can tell us what makes it some orange sometimes please get n touch.

Then what, well scaffolding arrived on the house so they can paint the outside, it is a big house so there is a lot of scaffolding, it is a pity because it blocks the view a bit, and our friend Miriam is coming to stay.  I think she will still see the view.  Anyway, not to be discouraged we baboons got out to do some climbing on the scaffolding even though it was quite windy.

Baboons can make anything fun!  Barnaby, Abooo and Diego had fun swinging on the bars.  Guess which one fell off and got the white bits of his Arsenal hoodie dirty.  It has had to be washed and he is in a panic that it won't be dry before the game this afternoon.

We are sad that it is still quite chilly and windy and we hope it clears up before Miriam comes, it will probably be chilly but they say it will get warmer.

Monday, 18 March 2013


Well we thought it would be spring by now and that would make it a good time for a little holiday.  We decided to go to Edinburgh because we were going to go there in June last year but it didn't work out then, so we booked flights and a hotel and our friends for a weekend in March.  The weather didn't do what we would have hoped so we haven't got as many outdoor shots as we would have hoped but we had a great time meeting our friends.

Leroy and I (as mini-kolo) went with our people and they flew from Southampton.  The first major treat for them (after the ferry) was plane spotting from the coffee shop.

We flew with FlyBe so that might have been our plane.  The airport was fun we had coffees and paninis and a Twix, great fun.  We flew up on the plane, it only took 75 minutes and suddenly we were in Scotland.

We took the airport bus (very convenient) and checked into our hotel.  Hotel Indigo in York Place has been presented with a Baboon HQ charter, it was excellent.

We weren't really sure what this giant sausage was for but it was very comfortable to lean against.
When we arrived the weather was quite OK so we went out and looked around, I met this very Scottish gentleman.

He was outside a very nice cafe called Deacon Brodies Coffee House, we had lunch there, highly recommended for their toasted sandwiches.  We also met some nice new friends there, I don't think they were native to Scotland though.

Sadly we didn't get many more outside shots as the rain started, so we made our way back to the hotel to chill out until it was time to have dinner.

The next day was very exciting, we were meeting our dear Twitter pals and two rehomed baboons.  We were meant to meet in the National Museum of Scotland, but sadly it was closed because of a power cut, so we had lunch in the cafe in the National Library instead.  We met up with lovelyAunty Kathleen, lovely @MogsBear's person and @ThisBear's lovely Madame.

You can see Aunty Kathleen in the photo with @ThisBear (in a very natty outfit), Paco (@mogsbear's rehomed Baboon), in the nice warm coat, Leroy in the middle there, then Marco (Aunty Kathleen's rehomed baboon), in his artistic hat, and me.  We had a lovely lunch and chatted lots.  @Mogsbear couldn't be there, like me she is too big to travel, but hasn't got a mini version like I have.

ThisBear gave out presents.  They all came in containers that were suitable to the recipient.

Marco's game in an Easter egg, and as an artistic baboon he put part of the egg on his head as a new hat.  His lovely bear, knitted by ThisBear's Madame, was pink and very cute.  @Mogsbear's little knitted bear came in a cupcake, so suitable for one of the movers and shakers from #caykclub.  Mine came in guess what!!!

Yes, a banana.  I love my bear.  Having been to Scotland Mini-Kolo suggested we should call him Ffyfe, yes a banana Scottish bear.  I hugged him as soon as Mini-Kolo gave him to me.  The banana box is great too, I can keep my bananas safe and that is not easy at Baboon HQ!!

Because the National Museum of Scotland was closed, @ThisBear suggested we went to the Museum of Childhood, off the Royal Mile.  That was great fun.

Marco and I found a great rocking horse to ride, that was great fun.  Quickly Bear joined us in his own inimitable way.

Yes, Marco moved up onto the head and Bear rode backwards, he is braver than I am!!

Leroy and Bear got well aquainted and met some very nice bears in the museum.

The weather was dreadful and we all said goodbye at the museum and went back to our hotel for a while.  Later we had dinner at a great vegetarian resturant with a friend that my person used to work with.

The next day the weather gave us a couple of hours without much rain so we climbed up to Edinburgh Castle.

It was quite a big climb but we managed it.  Then we walked around Edinburgh for a bit till the rain decided to come back.  So lunch at Deacon Brodie's cafe again and off to the airport.

At the airport Leroy found a great souvenier shop.

It had everything Scottish you could possibly buy.  Leroy and I don't drink so we didn't get a wee dram but we had a look around.

Edinburgh rock and shortbread.  Fine Scottish products, sadly not for me, these are for our manpeson's workmates.  I could really keep the shortbread, yummy!!

When we were at the airport the sun came out!!  We had to fly home though, so plane, car, boat, car and we were home again.  I can hardly believe that it only takes four hours to get from Edinburgh to home and that is with all the waiting around for ferries and stuff.  We will certainly be travelling that way again, flying rocks!!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Who is Who at Baboon HQ - Part 3

Well here are the last six baboons at Baboon HQ and I have to say that they must be the last, we cannot have any more coming to live here we are officially full!! Of couse we will continue rehoming.

Yo dudes! I'm Abooo, heaving on the ooo as in boo but don't boo me!  I am called Abooo because I have long skinny arms and legs like Abu Diaby the Arsenal midfielder but I like to make more of an ooo in my name.  I hang around a lot swinging on things and I do the climbing and swinging stunts for Baboon HQ publicity stuff and adventures.  Some people would say I look like Jackson but I'm much taller and skinner.  I hang around with Ryan a lot.  We have opposite personalities, he is quiet and thoughtful and I am cheeky but we get on really well.  I got here in August 2012.

Hi I'm Barnaby.  I came to Baboon HQ with my brother Ringo who was rehomed in Seattle with Jeego, (@SeattleP).  I ended up staying here as a climbing and swinging instructor.   I have long arms and legs so I like swinging a lot.  I chose my name because I love watching Midsomer Murders with Inspector Barnaby.  I swing around a lot with Diego, who you will meet next.  I arrived in September 2012.

Hi ya folks, I'm Diego because I come from the world famous San Diego Zoo.  My brother Bob lives in Norway with @Happpiii and @BearBerkeley so he has lots of fun.  I ended up staying at HQ as a climbing and swinging instructor because of my long arms and legs.  I can't wait for the warmer weather when we can swinging in the bay trees.  Its been a long winter for a lad from California.  My best friend in the world is Barnaby and we swing on doors together a lot and have swinging competitions.  I arrived in September 2012.

Hello I'm Marley and some of you probably know my story.  I am the other large baboon here at HQ like Kolo and Edward.  Nobody knows where I came from, but before I came to Baboon HQ I lived in a dark cupboard for several years.  Coming to Baboon HQ was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I love living with all these baboons, although sometimes I need to be by myself.  I talk to the new baboons who come here and I found that some of them have had the same story.  I wish people wouldn't do that.  Listen if you have any baboons or other anipals in cupboards please get them out.  If you don't have room for them take them to where they can find a new home.  I like to read books and every new thing I see in life is amazing to me.  I arrived in November 2012.

Hey hello, I'm Theirry, after the great Thierry Henry!  I wasn't originally meant to be a Baboon HQ baboon, the man person bought me to give to somebody but when he met me he realised that I might not be the right baboon for the person he had in mind, no problem just a matching thing.  So I stayed here and now I am a Baboon HQ baboon and loving it.  I would like to do some photographic modelling work as some people say I can put on a mean and moody look!  What do you think?  I've been here since November 2012.

Weeeeeeeee great to meet you, I'm Freddy, after a Swedish Freddy who played for Arsenal, I can't spell his other name right so I won't try. I was brought here for rehoming.  When I arrived I was in need of a wash.  I went through the washing machine and then sat around on the radiators to dry.  By the time I was dry I had made such good friends with everyone that I ended up staying.  That was in January this year so I'm quite new to HQ but I've already helped assemble a kitchen table.  I love all the stuff we do here.

Well so now you have met all the 18 baboons at HQ, we really don't intend that there will be any more coming to stay.  We have rehomed 70 baboons so far and aim to rehome 100.  I have two rehomings in progress so we are getting there.

Thank you for your interest in all these funny characters we have here and if you are ever passing please drop in and say hello. HUGS HUGS HUGS

Who is Who at Baboon HQ - Part 2

Well I promised I would let the six middle baboons introduce themselves next.  Most of them arrived at the end of 2011 or in the first half of 2012.

Here they are:

Hi I'm Austin.  You may notice my resemblance to Kolo.  I am one of his cousins.  Like Roko I am about half his size and, like Roko I came from Texas.  I chose my name, Austin, after that great city Austin Texas, which we live.  Especially Kerbey Lane cafe.  I love Formula 1 and I am very excited that there will be a Grande Prix in Austin from now on.  At Baboon HQ I am an assistant hugging instructor.  I help Kolo to teach hugging and test babons on their hugging skills.

Hi I'm Denis, I am Austin's brother, we both arrived at Baboon HQ in December 2011 from Texas.  I chose my name after the great Arsenal player Denis Bergkamp.  Like Austin I love Formula 1 and am exicted for the start of the new season.  I am also an assistant hugging instructor at Baboon HQ.

Hi I'm Ryan, I arrived at Baboon HQ early in 2012.  My brother Rhyland lives with Huntyr @kyba.  He is adventurous, I am not.  Actually I am quite a shy baboon.  At Baboon HQ I make new baboons welcome, whether they are staying here or destined for rehoming.  I like to make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need and that they are happy and confident about their future.

Hello I'm Edward.  I think most of you probably know my story.  I am told that I was the reason for the rehoming programme.  I used to work in a shop.  Kolo thinks I have done enough work and should rest, but I do like to keep busy.  I do lots of odd jobs around Baboon HQ.  I love living here and I am so glad I got the opportunity.

Hi, I'm Ozzie.  I am the second smallest baboon at Baboon HQ.  I was bought for rehoming but didn't get rehomed.  I like being at Baboon HQ and I hang out with Archie, Arnie and Jackson who you will see next.  I have a brother who lives in Berlin in Germany with some great friends from Can Be Social.  I mainly play with toys and read baboon books.

Hello I'm Jackson.  I chose that name because I am a big Longhorns fan and visited their stadium in Austin, Texas.  The player who I saw there was called Jackson so I took that name.  You may also know me as Mini-Kolo.  I have the best job at Baboon HQ.  As Kolo is much to big to travel I trave for him and represent him.  I guess I am an ambassador for Baboon HQ.  I have been to America and will be going again.  I love meeting friends and representing Kolo.  The rest of the time I hang out with Archie, Arnie and Ozzie.  Wherease Roko, Austin and Denis are approximately half of Kolo's size, I am about one third of his size so I can fit in bags easily.

In the third installment we will introduce you to the last six baboons at Baboon HQ.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Who is Who at Baboon HQ - Part 1

Not so long ago there was one baboon here and then two.  However, after we saw Edward working in the shop and realised that not all baboons have a loving home, we started the rehoming programme.  However, we had not intended to rehome baboons here.  So how did we end up with 18 baboons living permanently at Baboon HQ. That was never the intention.

I though, as there are so many of us now I would do a series of blogs introducing all the baboons that live here.  I am going to do it in three parts, six baboons at a time and in order of arrival.

I think anyone who follows this blog knows me, I am Kolo.  I have been living here since 27 December 2003.  I was a Christmas present from my persons's brother to her.  Many people ask how I got my name.  Well my family are Arsenal fans, like me.  The first Arsenal game I saw, on my first day here, the first Arsenal player to score was Kolo Toure.  I decided to take his name in his honour.  I also think its a nice name.  Kolo Toure has moved on to another team but I still like the name.  I am 22 inches tall sitting down.

Hi, I'm Yaya, the number 2 baboon in the Baboon HQ troup.  I arrived in September 2010 as my person thougth it would be nice for Kolo to have another baboon to play with.  I am called Yaya because the footballer that Kolo was named after had a younger brother called Yaya, so that became my name.  I think it suits me.  Sadly Yaya has never played for Arsenal but he has played for Barcelona who we also like.  I am cheeky and often seek out snacks.  I am about two thirds of Kolo's size.

Hi I'm Archie.  I arrived at Baboon HQ just before the rehoming started, September 2011.  JazzydaCat sent me to Kolo because he was disappointed that Edward couldn't come to live here at the time.  There are a number of baboons rehomed who look like me, but I am about three times their size.  You can see I have more stripes on my face than the others.  I play around a lot and give lots of cheek.

Hi I'm Arnie.  I arrived at Baboon HQ in November 2012 before the rehoming started.  I am the smallest baboon at Baboon HQ.  I hang out with Archie and a couple of other friends who arrived later.  I like chocolate, ice cream and bananas, we all do at Baboon HQ.  I am a big fan of Hawaii Five 0.

Hi I'm Roko, Kolo's younger brother.  I just play around.  I chose my name because I liked it.  I am very young and just play with toys and hang out with friends.  I love Formula 1 racing.

Hi I'm Bradley, I am the oldest baboon at Baboon HQ.  I was going to be rehomed but I have hip troubles so Kolo kept me here.  I teach meditation at Baboon HQ and am a sort of counsellor.  I did have a home before but I don't remember it much.  I know I am called Bradley because I arrived with a badge saying My Name is Bradley.  I have two brothers who were the first baboons to be rehomed, Hugo who lives with Zack Rabbit and Tony who lives with Marshall Sheldon.

So those are the first six baboons at Baboon HQ.  In the next installment you will meet the middle six.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Jan and Feb 2013 Baboons

I am very happy to say that three more baboons have found new homes in 2013.

The first rehoming in 2013 was to Bertie the Cat in Wales.  Bertie's baboon will live in the retreat centre.  He is a quiet, meditative baboon so when I thought about where to send him Bertie came to mind.  Bertie's home isn't a retreat centre all of the time and when it is entertaining other kinds of guests this baboon is happy to look after himself and stay quiet.

After a great deal of careful thought Bertie named his baboon Hudson.  Hudson is the baboon next to Bertie.  Yes, you are right there is another baboon with them.  I introduced you to him in my last rehoming update, that is Artie, who lives with Miss Bertie Junior.

Yes here they are in Bertie's beautiful garden, with none other than Bertie Junior.  These baboons will probably see quite a lot of each other from time to time.  They have already had a lovely holiday together in Wales, visiting places of interest.

What happy and contented baboons they are.

The next rehoming in 2013 went to live with Clapton Terrier. 

Obviously he and Clapton are getting on well and he is showing his hugging abilities.  There was quite a discussion to decide on his name.  See the terrier blog for more details

He was named Peter Tosh after one of Bob Marley's Wailers.  I am sure many of you will work out what an honour that is for a baboon as Clapton lives in dear Marley's home.  You may notice that Peter Tosh looks rather like me and my mini version.  Yes, he does!  Of all the baboons I have rehomed this is the most like me.  I thought he should go to live with Clapton in honour of our love and friendship for Marley who was my first friend and follower on Twitter and a really good friend.

Now Clapton and his family were going on holiday not long after Peter Tosh's arrival and, knowing that baboons are very good at looking after houses, Clapton showed Peter what he should look out for.  I believe that Peter did a very good job of looking after the house and Clapton hasn't found the pizza delivery boxes yet.  Clever baboon Peter Tosh!

Clapton gave Peter a great welcome on his first day with chocolate cake.

Yep, I would say another baboon who has found a great home.

Finally, in February another baboon left HQ to go to live in Colorado with @bdgrlaw, Kirsten has welcomed him even before he arrived, by opening a Twitter account for him and he has been tweeting even before he got there.  To follow his adventures you can follow him on Twitter @samson_ch.  He has only just arrived and not had pictures taken yet, he is just settling in, but here he is before he left Baboon HQ.


 I am sure you will see more of him!!  He was named after a gorilla that was in the zoo when Kirsten was a child, so he must hold nice memories.

Other baboon updates:

I am finding the right baboon to send to New Zealand to Baxtsa (@baxter_man).  This will the first baboon to go all the way to New Zealand although one has gone to Australia.

OllyTed's baboon buddy, Nyani Baboon, has opened a Twitter account to pass on some great baboon stories.  I am sure you are all aware of Nyani's talent for finding banana cakes for #caykclub every Tuesday, no matter where #caykclub is Nyani finds a banana cake, quite a talent!  To read Nyani's baboon stories you can follow him on Twitter @ImNyani.

Thank you for reading and for your interest n baboons.