Monday, 18 March 2013


Well we thought it would be spring by now and that would make it a good time for a little holiday.  We decided to go to Edinburgh because we were going to go there in June last year but it didn't work out then, so we booked flights and a hotel and our friends for a weekend in March.  The weather didn't do what we would have hoped so we haven't got as many outdoor shots as we would have hoped but we had a great time meeting our friends.

Leroy and I (as mini-kolo) went with our people and they flew from Southampton.  The first major treat for them (after the ferry) was plane spotting from the coffee shop.

We flew with FlyBe so that might have been our plane.  The airport was fun we had coffees and paninis and a Twix, great fun.  We flew up on the plane, it only took 75 minutes and suddenly we were in Scotland.

We took the airport bus (very convenient) and checked into our hotel.  Hotel Indigo in York Place has been presented with a Baboon HQ charter, it was excellent.

We weren't really sure what this giant sausage was for but it was very comfortable to lean against.
When we arrived the weather was quite OK so we went out and looked around, I met this very Scottish gentleman.

He was outside a very nice cafe called Deacon Brodies Coffee House, we had lunch there, highly recommended for their toasted sandwiches.  We also met some nice new friends there, I don't think they were native to Scotland though.

Sadly we didn't get many more outside shots as the rain started, so we made our way back to the hotel to chill out until it was time to have dinner.

The next day was very exciting, we were meeting our dear Twitter pals and two rehomed baboons.  We were meant to meet in the National Museum of Scotland, but sadly it was closed because of a power cut, so we had lunch in the cafe in the National Library instead.  We met up with lovelyAunty Kathleen, lovely @MogsBear's person and @ThisBear's lovely Madame.

You can see Aunty Kathleen in the photo with @ThisBear (in a very natty outfit), Paco (@mogsbear's rehomed Baboon), in the nice warm coat, Leroy in the middle there, then Marco (Aunty Kathleen's rehomed baboon), in his artistic hat, and me.  We had a lovely lunch and chatted lots.  @Mogsbear couldn't be there, like me she is too big to travel, but hasn't got a mini version like I have.

ThisBear gave out presents.  They all came in containers that were suitable to the recipient.

Marco's game in an Easter egg, and as an artistic baboon he put part of the egg on his head as a new hat.  His lovely bear, knitted by ThisBear's Madame, was pink and very cute.  @Mogsbear's little knitted bear came in a cupcake, so suitable for one of the movers and shakers from #caykclub.  Mine came in guess what!!!

Yes, a banana.  I love my bear.  Having been to Scotland Mini-Kolo suggested we should call him Ffyfe, yes a banana Scottish bear.  I hugged him as soon as Mini-Kolo gave him to me.  The banana box is great too, I can keep my bananas safe and that is not easy at Baboon HQ!!

Because the National Museum of Scotland was closed, @ThisBear suggested we went to the Museum of Childhood, off the Royal Mile.  That was great fun.

Marco and I found a great rocking horse to ride, that was great fun.  Quickly Bear joined us in his own inimitable way.

Yes, Marco moved up onto the head and Bear rode backwards, he is braver than I am!!

Leroy and Bear got well aquainted and met some very nice bears in the museum.

The weather was dreadful and we all said goodbye at the museum and went back to our hotel for a while.  Later we had dinner at a great vegetarian resturant with a friend that my person used to work with.

The next day the weather gave us a couple of hours without much rain so we climbed up to Edinburgh Castle.

It was quite a big climb but we managed it.  Then we walked around Edinburgh for a bit till the rain decided to come back.  So lunch at Deacon Brodie's cafe again and off to the airport.

At the airport Leroy found a great souvenier shop.

It had everything Scottish you could possibly buy.  Leroy and I don't drink so we didn't get a wee dram but we had a look around.

Edinburgh rock and shortbread.  Fine Scottish products, sadly not for me, these are for our manpeson's workmates.  I could really keep the shortbread, yummy!!

When we were at the airport the sun came out!!  We had to fly home though, so plane, car, boat, car and we were home again.  I can hardly believe that it only takes four hours to get from Edinburgh to home and that is with all the waiting around for ferries and stuff.  We will certainly be travelling that way again, flying rocks!!


  1. Hurray for pals. Is so good to see you in Scotlind my pal....and nice to see Kafleen and Mr Bear....too.

  2. oh oh oh looks like such a lovely trip!!!
    Even with the rain and drizzle.
    Just spending time with such wonderful pals, is very special.
    Thanks for sharing your day with me!!!

  3. It was a very special meeting.lots of smiles despite the dreadful weather.I was soooooooo happy to meet my mini Aslan,Leroy,so handsome and cuddlicious!!! I have a crush xx

  4. Deacon Brodie's? Favrit haunt of Burke and Hare,haha! It wus reely, reely luvverlee meeting yus all, a shame the weffa didden let yus get owt and abowt mor - Edinburgh's a braw city fur walking arownd! Glad yus got howm safely if damply, wus a day to rememba!Lots of luv and huuggs-Mogsbear and Paco xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. What a great blog Kolo - so much fun packed in. I've never flown to Scotland but now I want to! I love the banana box, hope it has a combination lock on it for HQ. Think it's great you are giving Baboon HQ charters for excellence. I try to do that with my "Teds". I must write up another trip. Oh well, soon maybe. Thanks, Kolo, that was fab!

  6. way cool kolo!!!! woo hoo hoo

    your friend - -dead turkey tweet :)

  7. Fantastic photos. thank you for sharing. lucky to get to fly on plane. xoxoxox

  8. It looks a lovely journey and meeting with nice twitterpals.