Saturday, 30 March 2013

What a week at Baboon HQ

Hello everyone, we have had quite a week at Baboon HQ.  Firstly two of the March rehomed baboons have reached their new homes and got great names.

The first baboon didn't have to travel very far at all, just across the 3 miles of water and west along the coast abit, where he soon found his way to Chalky Bear (@chalkybear13).  His dancing and bopping ability showed itself pretty quickly and he got the name of Joe Baboonamassa!  Here is Joe being welcomed by the Chalky Bear family.  See he is already hugging his new pals.

He soon starting hanging ou like baboons do and enjoying his new home.  They started him off with a banana, so we know he will be a happy baboon!

The next baboon took pretty much the same route but had to go a little further north and west to meet his new pals @MumbasGabig.  They called him Tartuffo, as he is as dark as a truffle and as treasured as a truffle!  Baboon HQ's youngest baboon Freddy is his brother and Freddy was very pleased to see him so happy.

You can see these two bonded very quickly and went for a country walk.
The next day was cold so they stayed in and played the piano.
But we know Gabig likes to be outside and the next day they went rock climbing on the beach, in the wind.

I can see that Tartuffo is going to have a fun and varied life and be very busy.

Thank you to Chalky and Gabig for giving happy homes to these two baboons.  I hope Basta's baboon arrives in New Zealand soon, that is a long, long journey and I understand that, as an English baboon, he has suffered some shyness about the recent performance of our cricket team in New Zealand, he may be hiding a while until the laughing dies down a bit.

What else happened, well apart from exploding hairdryers, we had a very interesting moon this week.  We did our best to get a good picture and at least we did get a picture.

It is not very clear but you can see it was very orange.  Firstly we thought it was Mars but it was the moon.  I wonder why it gets so orange sometimes.  We have seen it orange before since we moved here (never in London), but we have never seen it that orange.  If anyone can tell us what makes it some orange sometimes please get n touch.

Then what, well scaffolding arrived on the house so they can paint the outside, it is a big house so there is a lot of scaffolding, it is a pity because it blocks the view a bit, and our friend Miriam is coming to stay.  I think she will still see the view.  Anyway, not to be discouraged we baboons got out to do some climbing on the scaffolding even though it was quite windy.

Baboons can make anything fun!  Barnaby, Abooo and Diego had fun swinging on the bars.  Guess which one fell off and got the white bits of his Arsenal hoodie dirty.  It has had to be washed and he is in a panic that it won't be dry before the game this afternoon.

We are sad that it is still quite chilly and windy and we hope it clears up before Miriam comes, it will probably be chilly but they say it will get warmer.


  1. wot a wundahful chatty blog nd how nise too see joe nd tartuffo haffin fun in ther knew homes!

  2. Thanks you fur introdoosing moar of your fambly. Teh painting project looks furry intresting, I hopes you watches when they iz on thoze tall skaffolds. *hugs* xoxox

  3. Oh my gosh - your very own jungle gym. What fun you are going to have. Congratulations on your latest rehoming of two more baboons. Those families will be so thrilled to have them.

  4. so happy that the baboons found such great homes.

    your blog is wonderful - keep up the good work

  5. forgot to add -- my pictures of the moon look similar -- it looked so close when i snapped the pictures but when i got them developed -- it was tiny, tiny, tiny

  6. woooomeow! Tons of babboon fun :) wonderful post. TPC

  7. Hurray for more rehomin my pal! I expect Tim KIrby will tell us about the syence bit...he haz a big brane....