Thursday, 4 April 2013

Baboon HQ visit (without ice cream so far)

Hello all!

This is Jens. Kolo is so nice to let me blog. Thank you for that and the lovely company. So Bunny's and my journey started at the Frankfurt Airport. We had to be up so early that we almost fell asleep at the Airport cafe.

So the first order of the day was: coffee! Here we go:

After the coffee opened my eyes (so it should do it says on the cup) I was ready to take off. The flight was a bit wobbly but ok. After a bit more than an hour Bunny and me arrived in England. This is first pic of me on English ground. The eyes are still open wide.

After a long train ride to Portsmouth Henry picked us up and brought us to the Hovercraft (Thank you, Henry!). But before we went over to the IOW we had to chat a bit and have some more coffee. It was already gone and we kept on chatting like you can see here:

We jumped on the Hovercraft and 10 mins later we arrived at the sunshine coast. As you can see at the picture there are lovely palms and it feels almost like in the caribbean.

As we arrived at Baboon HQ the big hugging started. I was so happy to see Kolo again and meet all of the other baboons. Freddie welcomed Bunny and me as well and we shared some Surprise Eggs. But we totally forgot about opening them over all the chatting.

Look at the lovely view at the Solent. We can't get enough of it:

Today Henry came over and we were visiting together the lovely Monkey and Owl haven. We waved to the Marmosets from Olly (@ollyted) and tried to say Hi to Fudge from Clapton (@claptonterrier) but he didn't show up. It was cold and also some snowflakes said Hello. But we didn't mind and did relax on the big tree.

After a lovely day with our sweet friends, Henry brought us home with his brand new caravan. Mini-Kolo, Henry, Bunny and me had much fun on the ride. 

We are having a great time at Baboon HQ! Some more days to come. Yay! 

Jens and =:X)


  1. What a grate advenchure! *hugs and purrs*

  2. it wos a grayt day wot we did av tooday ... fank yoo al verry much

  3. Oh my,such a good time...super pics too...Pasihuggggsxx

  4. OMC - what a pawsome adventure you're having! You're all having so much fun chatting - I know Kolo was happy to have his furiends come visit Baboon HQ! Petie the Baboon sends all of you a big ((HUG))

  5. wundahful too see all th pikjahs nd fank yew soo soo mutch fur seyin ello too th likkle marmosette munkeys fur mee! that is supah *hugs*

  6. What a great day you all had! Thanks for the beautiful pictures

  7. I shall haz to ave a wrd wiv Fudge. I specifikally telled him to come and say elli to you Jens...