Thursday, 11 April 2013

Jen's visit

Well we are all quite sad because Jens has gone home.  However, we had a fantastic time when he was visiting and it was wonderful to have a rehomed baboon visit Baboon HQ.  Jens has blogged quite a lot about his visit so I thought I'd just fill in the gaps.

Jens came with his best friend Bunny and they gaved me some lovely presents.  The best ever was these bananas.  They are yummy, you can see Freddy is eyeing them up.

Jens also brought along Otto this lovely Arsenal supporting bunny, to come and live at Baboon HQ.  When my people were walking down the road on Saturday with Otto, a gentleman gave him these cupcakes.  We think it was one of those random acts of kindess, or cupcakes in this instance.

Jens has shown you most of the food we had but he missed this lemon meringue pie in God's Providence House in Newport, it is rather spectacular.  We didn't eat it though, we came home and I made a banana cake.

Jens and I had trouble waiting for it to cool before we ate it. I also made apple cake but that disappeared before we even got a picture!

You have seen most of our adventures except for the last day.

I was very sad when they had to leave and I did hug Jens and bunny a lot.  I am pleased to say that Jens has remembered his hugging lessons well.

They went off to Portsmouth to see Henry but that wasn't the end of it.  In the evening we went over to Portsmouth too.  Well Mini-Kolo and Freddy did.

Mini-Kolo seemed to manage to get hold of this glass of beer, it would have been big even for me!!

I don't think he could pick it up so he is look around for help.  Mini-Kolo and Freddy had pizza, of course!

It was a very yummy pizza, Freddy looks as though he can't wait to get into it and Mini-Kolo is making sure it doesn't disappear.

Well we are baboons so when it came to pudding (and it always comes to pudding), we had a banoffee split.

No, don't be silly we didn't share one, we had one each, come on we are baboons after all!!

After that we left Jens and Bunny with Henry and went home.  We are sorry to see them go, but we had a great time during their visit.  I am sure we will see them again before too long.  I hope they enjoyed themselves, they certainly enjoyed the fish and chips.  Yes they disappeared too quickly to be photographed.

Oh dear, this blog has been all about food!!  Well and beer!!

Thank you for reading and thank you to Jens and Bunny for visiting and for our lovely presents.


  1. oh how luffly... im soo pleesd jens nd bunny caym too visit nd how nise too meet otto! wundahful blog fank yew

  2. Hugs goodbye ar always sad - but wot a wunnerful time yus all had togevva! Grrreat pidjurs and bloggings of a memorable, luvverlee tweetup!
    Huuggs and kisses!

  3. Sorry....I fort this was Kolo Martin's blog....but it appear to be an eppysode of Mastersheff......*nom nom*