Saturday, 18 January 2014

Christmas 2013 and cricket

There have been a few things going on at Baboon HQ and we did not get around to sending out Christmas cards or even running a Christmas competition, as we usually do.  I am really sorry but I would like to say thank you to everyone who sent cards and presents.  I do love them.  We did have a nice Christmas.

It started in early December when a parcel arrived from Germany.  Mini-Kolo and I were very excited and we decided to investigate immediately.

Mini-Kolo climbed up to look inside.  We found it was full of German Christmas treats.  Thank you very much Miss Miriam.


One of less good things that happened at Christmas for us English baboons was that our cricket team managed to lose the Ashes series in Australia in a really spectacular way!!  Our pal in Sydney, @WallasEKatt (WeK) thought we might be able to help English to win them back, next time, and he sent Leroy and me some Aussie cricket gear.


Well we wondered how we could use this gear to help.  We have an Aussie T-shirt, a bat, ball and batsman's pads.  We decided that the best way we could help was by getting my brother Roko and our Leroy to masquerade as Australian cricketers.


Well that was because they are so hopeless that with them in the Aussie team how could England fail to win?  Leroy has always fancied himself as a bit of a Phil Tuffnell so he wanted to bowl.  We explained that with that fine head of hair he could pretend to be Shane Warne or Brett Lee.  Roko was happy to bat, he knows nothing about cricket so he was perfect for the job!  Yes, they will be the perfect strategy for winning next time!!

Thank you so much WeK.