Saturday, 11 October 2014

A very special bookplate

Hi everyone, I really want all of you to see this.  Our good friend from Twitter @xlografie made me some lovely book plates, specially designed for me.  You stick bookplates into the front of your books to show they are yours.  They are great because, as well as showing everyone it is yours, when you look at books in a secondhand bookshop, it is so thrilling to know who the book belonged to.

@xlografie designed this for me.  You can see there is a baboon, then other things related to me.  The shape below the baboon is the end of our island where you can see the famous Needles, further down you can see the Needles with the red and white Needles lighthouse.  You can see boats with Union Flags flying, our island is famous for sailing, with the famous Cowes week every August.  At the bottom you can see the Arsenal crest!  You can see how much research she has done about me.  At the bottom she has signed the plates although I don't think you can really read that on this picture.

The book plates take a lot of work, wood carving and several print processes, so they are not quick to make.  I feel that @xolografin has done fantastic work here.  I am so pleased with them and wanted you all to see.

You can find out more about @xlografie's work on her English website:

 you can see the lovely work she does.

I think she is fantastically clever and if anyone is interested in getting bookplates she is definitely the person to get in touch with.