Monday, 12 April 2010

What the winter did to the garden

I am a little bit upset. As you all know we had a very hard winter even in the deep south of the England on the sunshine coast there was snow and ice and very cold winds. Obviously this is not ideal weather for plants. This was how our garden looked in January this year.

I am very proud of our garden and I always spend as much time out there as I can and I also like looking after the plants. Last summer I spent lots of time gardening, watering and pruning and I was very happy with how the garden was looking.

This weekend we decided to look at the garden and see what damage had been done, we were aware that a few plants had not made it but we were not prepared for the shock we got. All the plants except the bay trees and a fushia were dead. We had to take them all out of their pots and get rid of them there was nothing we could do for them.
Of course we can get new plants and start again but it is sad to think that plants that you grew yourself and took care of have all died. I expect I am not the only one with the same experience so to all gardeners out there whose plants were killed off by the hard winter I know how you feel.

Monday, 5 April 2010

I've been tagged

My friend Maximus tagged me to play the photo game. I have to:

  1. Open my first photo folder (that's easy I only have one)

  2. Scroll down to the 10th photo

  3. Post the photo and tell you all a little bit about it

  4. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers

Well here is my 10th photo

Oh this is a nice one to talk about. It was last summer on a very hot Saturday and we were going to the beach. Just as we were leaving to go to the beach I noticed that the plants were dry. I didn't want them to feel thirsty while we were having fun, that would have upset me so I decided to water them before we went. Then I could go to the beat without feeling worried about the plants. You can see I am wearing a nice bright T-shirt that one of my people bought for me when they were on a diving holiday in Egypt. You can see the diver on the front.

We had a lovely time at the beach that day in the hot sunshine and the plants were very happy in our little roof garden while we were gone.

Now who shall I tag for this and why?

@MonkeysBrother (Arthur) - he has the coolest life and fantastic pictures that all tell an interesting tale.

@Elineof - she is very creative and I bet she has some great stories to tell about her pictures.

@Happpiii - he has pictures that make everyone laugh and he says such funny things.

@Schnille - He takes lots of interesting photos and tells fantastic information about them.

@Aska_Alaska -She has the coolest adventures so I bet she will come up with a great photo and a good story.

Thanks for reading.