Monday, 5 April 2010

I've been tagged

My friend Maximus tagged me to play the photo game. I have to:

  1. Open my first photo folder (that's easy I only have one)

  2. Scroll down to the 10th photo

  3. Post the photo and tell you all a little bit about it

  4. Pass it on to 5 other bloggers

Well here is my 10th photo

Oh this is a nice one to talk about. It was last summer on a very hot Saturday and we were going to the beach. Just as we were leaving to go to the beach I noticed that the plants were dry. I didn't want them to feel thirsty while we were having fun, that would have upset me so I decided to water them before we went. Then I could go to the beat without feeling worried about the plants. You can see I am wearing a nice bright T-shirt that one of my people bought for me when they were on a diving holiday in Egypt. You can see the diver on the front.

We had a lovely time at the beach that day in the hot sunshine and the plants were very happy in our little roof garden while we were gone.

Now who shall I tag for this and why?

@MonkeysBrother (Arthur) - he has the coolest life and fantastic pictures that all tell an interesting tale.

@Elineof - she is very creative and I bet she has some great stories to tell about her pictures.

@Happpiii - he has pictures that make everyone laugh and he says such funny things.

@Schnille - He takes lots of interesting photos and tells fantastic information about them.

@Aska_Alaska -She has the coolest adventures so I bet she will come up with a great photo and a good story.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Howdy Kolo
    Thanks for the tag, will check out my 10th photo now!
    You look well cool in your red top.
    Keep on blogging, I like it!

  2. I do love your blog! Thanks for sharing that picture. You're so considerate, thinking of the plants like that! I love your shades. ;)