Sunday, 28 October 2012

Baboon room

As many of you know we have recently done some redecorating, and made some changes at Baboon HQ.  One of the biggest changes has been the conversion of the dining room to a baboon room.  As you know we do lots of work at Baboon HQ, running a hugging school and re-homing the graduates.  Recently the England football team got a new luxurious head quarters built for them by the Football Association, and we felt that Baboon HQ needed a similar facility.

Our dining room had a dining table and chairs that were never used because we always entertain guests in the kitchen, so the room was wasteds, this presented a unique opportunity for a special baboon facility.

The first thing we decided we needed was a comfortable seating area.  We decided on a futon, it is nice and low and suitable for baboons and doesn't take up a great amount of room, also guest baboons will be able to sleep on it.  We choose this nice red one.

It goes nicely with our favourite baboon colour of red.  We choose the nice blue and white stripped cushions (pillows to our US friends), to contrast with futon and to go with the walls.

As we live by the sea we have a seaside theme to Baboon HQ and we placed our baboon futon below our lovely seaside tiles.

Doesn't that look good and you see baboons can climb on the futon.

Then we thought about seaside themed art.  We found this lovely seahorse in a local shop.  We love him.

He has his own corner of the baboon room and his gentleness is inspirational to the more overenthusiastic baboon trainees.

As baboons we like a lot of space so there are only two other pieces of furniture in our room.  The wooden seat in the corner, I think you can see it in the photo of us on the back of the futon, and our sideboard that we use to store the baboon plates and cutlery.

So you can see that the baboons have a peaceful, inspirational space in which to work and play and lots of space to chill out.  We don't have a dining room but we have a great kitchen so the dining room is better used for us baboons to chill out in.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Baboon update - September baboon

Only one baboon left Baboon HQ in September.  We had holidays and also there weren't many baboons around looking for homes over the summer.  However, we did get a kind volunteer to rehome a baboon and there was a little chap available.  So off he went to live with @BerniceBluJae, where I think he will have an exciting life.

Cheeks took a bit of time arriving, some baboons do like to have a look around on their journeys.  But eventually he did and he took the opportunity to sit down and rest straight away after his exertions.

After a bit of a rest he started exploring and meeting his new family.  Of course he wanted a cuddle with Bernice first.

He started to meet the other members of the household.  He was a bit surprised with come across a pink Happpiii but he took it in his stride!

He met the largest member of the household who guards their front door, he is very gentle but he is biggggg, he is known as The Elevator.

Wow that is a big anipal but Cheeks doesn't look at all scared.

Cheeks was keen to find out about pineapple growing and Bernice was able to show him their pineapples.

I wonder how long it will take him to suggest they start growing bananas.  If I was a betting baboon my money would be on about 5 minutes.  What fantastic pineapples.

Well there was a big surprise in store for Cheeks, he is not the only baboon in the house.

Just look at this baboon, Kirby.  Does he remind you of anyone?  I can only guess we are related.  Of course Cheeks is well used to baboons who look like this, HQ is full of them!!  It was a surprise to me to see him I can tell you, I expect he is a young cousin who is lucky enough to be resident in California!

Well I can see that Cheeks will be happy in his new home and I think Bernice and her family are very happy to have him there, so we wish them all well.

Thank you for reading my blog.