Sunday, 7 February 2016

Baboon HQ

Hi, this is a nice sunny day so we started the day by going for a walk.  We visited the hardworking monkeys in our Sainsburys window, who advertise products for special occasions.  Today they were all ready for Valentine's day.

They have been resting since new year but are busy again now.  They work very hard all year and we do like to visit them.

Then we thought we might introduce you to some of the more unusual residents of Baboon HQ and a new arrival.  I'll let the baboons introduce the less usual residents.  There are a lot of non-baboons at Baboon HQ, most are lions, bears and other monkeys.  These are some of the more unusual ones.

Hello, I'm Edward and I would like to introduce my friend Westbourne.  He lived at Baboon HQ before there were any baboons here and in fact when it was in London.  He is called Westbourne because he came from an antiques shop in Westbourne Grove, London.

Our people used to go for dinner some Fridays to a pizza place in Westbourne Grove, they saw Westbourne in the window for a couple of years and always stopped to talk to him.  However, he was far too expensive for them and they hoped he would find a good home.  One day they were going on holiday and they decided that if he was still there when they got back they would buy him, never mind the price!  He needed a good home.  When they got back he was no longer in the window, so they thought he had found a home.  Manperson decided to ask the shop owner about who had bought their friend.  It turned out he had not been sold, just put in the back of the shop.  The owner sold him to manperson for half the price.  He as been with them for nearly 20 years.

Westbourne has an interesting history it seems he was a bellhop in a hotel in Philadelphia and had a tray on this head for drinks to be rested on him.  He had no tray when our people met him so we were not sure.  However, wait for further information in a minute.  We became friends when I arrived, we have a shared background of living in an antiques shop window.

Hi, I'm Hoppo and I would like to introduce Socrates.  Yes he is similar to Westbourne.  We saw him recently in a shop window in Union Street, Ryde.  Manperson decided to buy him.  He somewhat confirms the story that Edward told you about Westbourne's origins.  When Socrates arrived he had a tray on his back.  We removed it as he doesn't need to work as a drinks table here.  We called him Socrates because he looks philosophical.

Hello I'm George and I am introducing two of the four Tibetan monks who live at Baboon HQ.  These two live in the living room, two more live downstairs in the study.  They are very quiet but they help with our meditation.

Hello, you all know me, I'm Harry!  I am introducing Johann.  Now, this is an unusual story.  Manperson went skiing with his brother and brought Johann back as a present for our person.  Right, yes, I can see how you are thinking!  How many people would go on holiday and bring back an oven glove for their partner.  Yes, it would often not be welcome!  However, Johann was welcome, he is not used as an oven glove, he is our Baboon HQ kitchen manager.  He makes sure we have all we need and helps us with our cooking.

Hi, I'm Little Tony.  Please meet Brian, he is a celebrity robot who advertises car insurance on television.  He is sweet and funny and talks a lot.

Howdee I'm Ozzie, this is Benny, the skeleton sock monkey and Mungo who is a gorilla.  They are good friends.  Benny is unusual and funny.  Mungo arrived at Baboon HQ because he was described as a baboon.  Well he is not a baboon but he is very welcome here!

Finally a not unusual, but new resident of Baboon HQ, a celebrity bear, who advertises holidays.  In the adverts he goes through lots of troubles but ends up happy on holiday.

Hello, I'm Freddy, I am introducing you to Tom.  He only has one eye, but look at that smile.  He even has a smile on his foot, look!!  He makes us happy with his smile.

Well there are some non-baboon residents of Baboon HQ.  We have more unusual ones who we can introduce another day.