Monday, 12 April 2010

What the winter did to the garden

I am a little bit upset. As you all know we had a very hard winter even in the deep south of the England on the sunshine coast there was snow and ice and very cold winds. Obviously this is not ideal weather for plants. This was how our garden looked in January this year.

I am very proud of our garden and I always spend as much time out there as I can and I also like looking after the plants. Last summer I spent lots of time gardening, watering and pruning and I was very happy with how the garden was looking.

This weekend we decided to look at the garden and see what damage had been done, we were aware that a few plants had not made it but we were not prepared for the shock we got. All the plants except the bay trees and a fushia were dead. We had to take them all out of their pots and get rid of them there was nothing we could do for them.
Of course we can get new plants and start again but it is sad to think that plants that you grew yourself and took care of have all died. I expect I am not the only one with the same experience so to all gardeners out there whose plants were killed off by the hard winter I know how you feel.


  1. OUTRAGEOUS! I avin a word wiv da wevver. We gets winter banned for life - like Eric Cantona but longer

  2. Poor flowers! I hope,they are getting better in the spring.

  3. All dead? Kolo, I'm so sorry. I know a lot of work goes into gardening and something like this is more than frustrating.

  4. Mom says that you have to bury the pots into the ground to help the plants inside survive. She says that they don't like the freezing and changing temps. It doesn't look like you have anywhere to bury them, so we don't know what else to say that would help you make more of them survive next year!

  5. Hi Kolo sorry to hear about your plants! Maybe you could move them inside to keep them warm. If not, you could move to Texas?

  6. Oh dear. I am glad some plants made it. I am very curious to see what survived in my garden. The fros is still in the ground, but in two or three weeks I will know. I can tell allready that the rosemary did not make it...
    Oh well - it's a new start every spring!

    Enjoy the spring Kolo!

  7. Aww - dat's sad dat they all died. New plants are always good, but nothing is as good as the old plants that had received tender, loving care.