Friday, 7 May 2010

You don't always get what you expect but its not always a bad thing!

As many of my friends know my person was due to fly to Texas on 13 April but didn't get to go, not because of the ash cloud but because of illness, it was quite mysterious to most people but I think Heathrow Terminal 5 is enough to make anybody ill so it didn't surprise me. Well obviously we were all really disappointed, my person had been looking forward to seeing our dear friends in Texas and was devastated not to, they were also very disappointed not to see her. Well that all sounds terrible I agree, but the trip will be taken at another time, so disappointing as it was we still have the trip to look forward to. But also another really good thing happened that wouldn't have happened if the trip had been taken.

What was that I hear you ask? Well Lippe came to stay with us, like my person his trip to the US was delayed so they already had lots in common, in his case it was delayed by the ash cloud though not illness. Well because we were all at home and he was waiting for flights to resume we were lucky enough to have his presence in our home for more than 2 weeks. As soon as Lippe arrived from Jazzy's house we know that we were going to have a fantastic time with him, he had hardly got through the door before I gave him one of my special big Kolo HUGS! and he hugged me right back.

Lippe wasted no time in making himself at home, he inspected the plants in the garden and then rushed up to the kitchen for a cup of his beloved tea with me and Leroy and a Thornton's chocolate and everyone who has ever had a Thornton's chocolate will agree that he has great taste.

Anyone who hasn't been following Lippe's adventures should visit My friend @schnille's blog where Mookie has been recounting all of Lippe's adventures with his various hosts and to see more of my adventures with Lippe you can see my Twitpic pictures. We had a great time with Lippe and found out lots about him, who would have thought he was such a keen gardener and climber?

He climbed all the way up this chimney pot to smell the flowers in there little did we know what well developed climbing skills Lippe would demonstrate in climbing trees and sitting on our 4th floor balcony, not just the balcony but the edge of the wall around the balcony. Then there were Lippe's legendary eating skills, pizza, ice cream, anything you care to name Lippe will eat it even the giant hot dog. Have a loot at Lippes adventures here on the Isle of Wight at Twitpic Well we didn't expect to be here in England in mid April but if we hadn't been we would never have had the chance to meet Lippe. Today we all feel a little sad that he has left us but we are so happy that he came to visit and hope he will feel that there is more to see on our island so that he will come back one day because we have lots more to show him.

So, yes you don't always get what you expect in life and that can be disappointing but sometimes you get something great that you didn't expect and that is wonderful.!


  1. That is so adorable! And we get to have LIppe back for the weekendy!!

  2. What a great bloggy about Lippe, Kolo! I really fink he has changed our lives forever!

  3. Great post Kolo. Lippie had lots of memorable adventures with you. While the cloud dust was mostly a bad thig, it turned into a good thing for you and Lippie. We'll look forward to his visit here.

  4. Pawesome! It looks like you guys had a great time and shared some great hugs!

  5. Thank you very much for sharing your time with Lippe, Kolo!!! Reading your bloggy made me sooooo emotional again... heehee I'm so happy to hear, Lippe is doing well on his trip and everybody gives him, and us at home, many, many memorable moments!!! A BIG thank you to you and all his hosts, this would be nothing without you!!! BIG BIG HUGS!!! :-)

  6. Thats a very good rule to live by Kolo, an urs visit with Lippe is so citing 2 reed about an all da good pics is Great !!!!