Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cats, bears and baboons

Its been quite a week for us at Baboon HQ, meeting friends new and old.

The first thing that happened was on Saturday.  Well I keep saying Baboon HQ is full, but it always turns out that it isn't.  On Saturday a new baboon arrived to live here.  He came out of his box just as Lukasz Podolski scored for Arsenal, so he chose the name Lukasz.

Yes he is the same size as Jackson (mini-kolo/travelling-kolo).  He is a heck of a good looking young baboon isn't he.  I don't think he really looks like me, more like Marley Baboon really.  Anyway he is settling in well and we are fending off female baboons because he is far too young for that.

Then on Sunday I was reunited with on of the rehomed baboons, Arty, who lives with @Bertie_Junior.  We went for a sunny, muddy walk in the Surrey Hills.

I do wish my person would stop expecting me to sit in brambles for photos, its not funny!!

We had a walk and picnic lunch.  We found a great tree trunk to sit on for lunch.


Arty, I hate to mention this but is that person behind us running away with our picnic?  Oh no that's all right our picnic is in a different bag, phew!  Wouldn't like anyone to pinch our bananas.

After eating lunch we did some climbing while the humans were chatting.

Climbing is important to us baboons so we needed to practice out skills.
After the walk I had another great treat I went to meet @Bertie_Junior.  Bertie and I played hide and seek and I did find her under the bench.  It was a hot day and she wanted to stay cool.
Bertie Junior is a lovely cat and we had a good long chat while I sat in the sun and she stayed cool in the shade.  I think we got on well.
Another treat for me was to meet with another rehomed baboon, Hudson who normally lives with @Bertie_Cat but who was visiting @Bertie_Junior and Arty for a short holiday.

Baboons enjoy the sunshine so we chatted in the sun while Bertie Junior stayed cool.

So, you mentioned bears in the title so where are the bears?  I hear you ask.  Yes, there were bears, as if all that wasn't enough excitement for one week I started the weekend early by meeting our good friends @Henryandfriends and @Bear_Berkeley.  Its always lovely to see Henry, but I hadn't seen Berkeley for two years so that was a treat.

Berkeley gave me some brown Norweigan cheese.

I will try that later today with my toast.  I have never had it before.

Even when I am being mini-kolo Berkeley is much smaller than me so we put the cheese straight to good use for him to sit on so I could give him a Kolo Hug.

We knew that cheese would be useful.

It was lovely to see Berkeley and Henry again and we chatted for ages in the cafe as we had a lot to catch up on.

Oh yes the cafe, ummm they had lovely cakes.

I expect you are wondering which of these lovely cupcakes or chocolate cake I had.  Well I am sorry to tell you that, these days, my person seems to think that cakes have an evil agenda so we didn't get any.  Oh well, Henry and I know where to find them again next time.


  1. My hoomin just went "Awwww...!" at the KoloHug pidjur, haha! Brill blog - and its so nise to tweet-up wiv luvverlee pals like yoo, Henry, Berkeley and that cutie, Miss Roberta! Blows soppy kisses to yus all!Teehee!

    1. *Waves cutely* Hello Mogs! *Blows kisses back*

  2. wot a wundahful week wif visits nd picnics nd oh my a new baboon at baboon hq! welcum too lukasz! im shure hee will fit rite in as an arsenal suppawtin baboon!

  3. *Bounce bounce bounce* Oh wow Kolo! There's me and you! It was good game of hide & seek & thank you for understanding about keeping cool. I love the climby picture of you & Artie especially, you look really really happy *hug* And oh wow, you and Henry and Bear Berkeley, what a lovely special hug. We do love reading your blog and send hugs to you all and Hello Hugs to Lukasz *waves paws*

  4. Aw lovely kolo, glad you got to see Henry & Berkeley.. lovely photo's hugsss Chalky & Cuddles xxxx

  5. I love reading your adventures and can't wait to see Mini-Kolo, J & S again in September!

  6. Oh Buddy - I'm so excited for you - a new Baboon. What a handsome fellow he is too. Congratulations.

  7. Ello my pal...I am glad to be seein you was avin your adventures this week near my old stompin ground in Surrey. You were within sniffin distance of my ouse.......

  8. You guys are both pretty handsome baboons ;) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today!

  9. Aww, Lukasz is such a handsome fellow and mini-Kolo is a brilliant story teller!!! You got a lovely blog! HUGS XXX