Sunday, 7 April 2013

Far east, far west: The sun shines at Baboon HQ

Hello friends!

This is Jens again. I am still on the Isle of Wight and having fun at Baboon HQ. As you can see on the picture  below, Mini-Kolo and me went on the choo choo train to the famous Needles in the far west.

The choo choo train isn't the fastest, so we needed some lunch first. With full bellies and very cheerful we started our walk up the hill.

On our walk we saw sheep and cows and some of the few wild English baboons. Sadly we were too slow too take a picture. We walked a loooong time and were about to give up but Mini-Kolo suddenly screamed "there they are". Woooohooooo! We made it! The Needles are awesome even if they look a bit like teeth. What do you think? Btw. they are the little thinggies erm rocks in the sea.

As we arrived back at Baboon HQ I had much to tell. Bunny, Freddie and Snowdrop were very interested like you can see.

Our next trip lead us to Bembridge in the far east of the Isle. The cliffs are lovely! You can the ones of Sandown. Really impressing. 

Bembridge is the town of the lifeguards who have a huge orange boat. Mini-Kolo and I took look and a little ride as the others weren't watching. Hehe.

Secret boat rides making hungry. So we went to the famous Tollgate Cafe at the harbor and plenty of chips with vinegar. A sweet old couple is running the Cafe and the old Lady who took our order forgot about it immediately and had to ask again and again. But we are patient baboons anyway and we love the old Lady. If you are in Bembridge pop into Tollgate Cafe.

The last mill of the IOW you can also find in ... Bembridge, of course! How clever were the people in the past to use the power of the wind to do their work. Really CLEVER!

And finally *drum roll* Ice Cream! It was the perfect day for it with lots of sun. It's Minghella's Fresh Strawberry and Old English Toffee. The ice cream man on wheels made my day! Thanks!

Here I am at Kolo's favorite place on the Isle, at Quarr Abbey. It's so beautiful and peaceful. Just a perfect place for relaxing. If you can't find Kolo at home, check out the Abbey. He will for sure hang around the Cafe with a big pot of coffee.

So, now it's time for some apple cake. They spoil Bunny and me here which we enjoy lots. Thank you, Kolo! *big hugs*

Lots of love from Jens and =:X)

PS: Olly (@ollyted), I forgot to post this pic last time. Henry and me waving the Marmosets from you:


  1. oh jens wot a wundahful blog yew ar haffin sutch a nise visit nd fank yew soo soo mutch fur wavin too th likkle munkeys frum mee i reely appreesheate it

  2. beautiful adventure, baboons know how to party

  3. What a wondrful time you are all having,mini Kolo is sooooooooo handsome

  4. Grrrreat blog, Jens! And yoo brought the sunshine wiv yoo too!A holibob wus just wot yoo needed and the Isle of Wight luks so bootiful... sigh..
    Huuggs and kisses!
    Mogs and Paco

  5. Wat a fun time you did haz, an ICE CREAM! *purrr*