Saturday, 2 March 2013

Jan and Feb 2013 Baboons

I am very happy to say that three more baboons have found new homes in 2013.

The first rehoming in 2013 was to Bertie the Cat in Wales.  Bertie's baboon will live in the retreat centre.  He is a quiet, meditative baboon so when I thought about where to send him Bertie came to mind.  Bertie's home isn't a retreat centre all of the time and when it is entertaining other kinds of guests this baboon is happy to look after himself and stay quiet.

After a great deal of careful thought Bertie named his baboon Hudson.  Hudson is the baboon next to Bertie.  Yes, you are right there is another baboon with them.  I introduced you to him in my last rehoming update, that is Artie, who lives with Miss Bertie Junior.

Yes here they are in Bertie's beautiful garden, with none other than Bertie Junior.  These baboons will probably see quite a lot of each other from time to time.  They have already had a lovely holiday together in Wales, visiting places of interest.

What happy and contented baboons they are.

The next rehoming in 2013 went to live with Clapton Terrier. 

Obviously he and Clapton are getting on well and he is showing his hugging abilities.  There was quite a discussion to decide on his name.  See the terrier blog for more details

He was named Peter Tosh after one of Bob Marley's Wailers.  I am sure many of you will work out what an honour that is for a baboon as Clapton lives in dear Marley's home.  You may notice that Peter Tosh looks rather like me and my mini version.  Yes, he does!  Of all the baboons I have rehomed this is the most like me.  I thought he should go to live with Clapton in honour of our love and friendship for Marley who was my first friend and follower on Twitter and a really good friend.

Now Clapton and his family were going on holiday not long after Peter Tosh's arrival and, knowing that baboons are very good at looking after houses, Clapton showed Peter what he should look out for.  I believe that Peter did a very good job of looking after the house and Clapton hasn't found the pizza delivery boxes yet.  Clever baboon Peter Tosh!

Clapton gave Peter a great welcome on his first day with chocolate cake.

Yep, I would say another baboon who has found a great home.

Finally, in February another baboon left HQ to go to live in Colorado with @bdgrlaw, Kirsten has welcomed him even before he arrived, by opening a Twitter account for him and he has been tweeting even before he got there.  To follow his adventures you can follow him on Twitter @samson_ch.  He has only just arrived and not had pictures taken yet, he is just settling in, but here he is before he left Baboon HQ.


 I am sure you will see more of him!!  He was named after a gorilla that was in the zoo when Kirsten was a child, so he must hold nice memories.

Other baboon updates:

I am finding the right baboon to send to New Zealand to Baxtsa (@baxter_man).  This will the first baboon to go all the way to New Zealand although one has gone to Australia.

OllyTed's baboon buddy, Nyani Baboon, has opened a Twitter account to pass on some great baboon stories.  I am sure you are all aware of Nyani's talent for finding banana cakes for #caykclub every Tuesday, no matter where #caykclub is Nyani finds a banana cake, quite a talent!  To read Nyani's baboon stories you can follow him on Twitter @ImNyani.

Thank you for reading and for your interest n baboons.


  1. Marco was excited to see his Baboon family so happy xxx Pasihuggggs

  2. Wooof....he ave better not be sleepin in my bed.....grrr.....heh he

  3. I'm glad that new baboons arried to new homes. :)

  4. A;ways a pleasure to see the Baboon Family expand, hehe!All the way to Noo Zealand, woohoo!
    Huuggs xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Kolo, it's so wonderful to see the love and hugs that are all over our world. You're spreading such joy! Thanks! Oh, and Bosie is waving hello to you!

  6. You're sooo pawsome to send these loving baboons out to their new homes Kolo! Each & every one of them brings joy with them- and their ((HUGS)) are pawsome!
    Love you my fureind! Petie loves you too! ((HUGS))

  7. it's nice to see the baboons happy .....