Saturday, 9 March 2013

Who is Who at Baboon HQ - Part 1

Not so long ago there was one baboon here and then two.  However, after we saw Edward working in the shop and realised that not all baboons have a loving home, we started the rehoming programme.  However, we had not intended to rehome baboons here.  So how did we end up with 18 baboons living permanently at Baboon HQ. That was never the intention.

I though, as there are so many of us now I would do a series of blogs introducing all the baboons that live here.  I am going to do it in three parts, six baboons at a time and in order of arrival.

I think anyone who follows this blog knows me, I am Kolo.  I have been living here since 27 December 2003.  I was a Christmas present from my persons's brother to her.  Many people ask how I got my name.  Well my family are Arsenal fans, like me.  The first Arsenal game I saw, on my first day here, the first Arsenal player to score was Kolo Toure.  I decided to take his name in his honour.  I also think its a nice name.  Kolo Toure has moved on to another team but I still like the name.  I am 22 inches tall sitting down.

Hi, I'm Yaya, the number 2 baboon in the Baboon HQ troup.  I arrived in September 2010 as my person thougth it would be nice for Kolo to have another baboon to play with.  I am called Yaya because the footballer that Kolo was named after had a younger brother called Yaya, so that became my name.  I think it suits me.  Sadly Yaya has never played for Arsenal but he has played for Barcelona who we also like.  I am cheeky and often seek out snacks.  I am about two thirds of Kolo's size.

Hi I'm Archie.  I arrived at Baboon HQ just before the rehoming started, September 2011.  JazzydaCat sent me to Kolo because he was disappointed that Edward couldn't come to live here at the time.  There are a number of baboons rehomed who look like me, but I am about three times their size.  You can see I have more stripes on my face than the others.  I play around a lot and give lots of cheek.

Hi I'm Arnie.  I arrived at Baboon HQ in November 2012 before the rehoming started.  I am the smallest baboon at Baboon HQ.  I hang out with Archie and a couple of other friends who arrived later.  I like chocolate, ice cream and bananas, we all do at Baboon HQ.  I am a big fan of Hawaii Five 0.

Hi I'm Roko, Kolo's younger brother.  I just play around.  I chose my name because I liked it.  I am very young and just play with toys and hang out with friends.  I love Formula 1 racing.

Hi I'm Bradley, I am the oldest baboon at Baboon HQ.  I was going to be rehomed but I have hip troubles so Kolo kept me here.  I teach meditation at Baboon HQ and am a sort of counsellor.  I did have a home before but I don't remember it much.  I know I am called Bradley because I arrived with a badge saying My Name is Bradley.  I have two brothers who were the first baboons to be rehomed, Hugo who lives with Zack Rabbit and Tony who lives with Marshall Sheldon.

So those are the first six baboons at Baboon HQ.  In the next installment you will meet the middle six.


  1. wot a luffly ideer kolo, i doo lyke meetin all th baboons at baboon hq yay!

  2. I love this kolo! Looking forward to the next instalment! Hugs. -Punkinhead

  3. its a delight to meet the family xx

  4. *Bounce bounce hop hug* What a treat to meet the Baboon HQ team! I am very excited that we're going to be introduced to them all! Great idea Kolo, thank you! *hug hug*

  5. Hello efurryone its so nice to meet you an lern all abowt you! *hugs* xoxox

  6. Wow! Kolo you're all amazin'!!! keep on wiv the gud work furrend xxxxxxxxx Chalky13

  7. I love it!!! *waves to all the baboons *

  8. Zowie Kolo - I had no idea you had such a large family. What a great job your family does of rehoming the baboons. We sure do love Koko - he and I hang around together a lot, and he helps M with cooking.

  9. He he....we likes Mr Archie....hims got a funny face....well, of course we likes all da baboons my pal...Peter Tosh wave ello for his familee