Sunday, 10 March 2013

Who is Who at Baboon HQ - Part 3

Well here are the last six baboons at Baboon HQ and I have to say that they must be the last, we cannot have any more coming to live here we are officially full!! Of couse we will continue rehoming.

Yo dudes! I'm Abooo, heaving on the ooo as in boo but don't boo me!  I am called Abooo because I have long skinny arms and legs like Abu Diaby the Arsenal midfielder but I like to make more of an ooo in my name.  I hang around a lot swinging on things and I do the climbing and swinging stunts for Baboon HQ publicity stuff and adventures.  Some people would say I look like Jackson but I'm much taller and skinner.  I hang around with Ryan a lot.  We have opposite personalities, he is quiet and thoughtful and I am cheeky but we get on really well.  I got here in August 2012.

Hi I'm Barnaby.  I came to Baboon HQ with my brother Ringo who was rehomed in Seattle with Jeego, (@SeattleP).  I ended up staying here as a climbing and swinging instructor.   I have long arms and legs so I like swinging a lot.  I chose my name because I love watching Midsomer Murders with Inspector Barnaby.  I swing around a lot with Diego, who you will meet next.  I arrived in September 2012.

Hi ya folks, I'm Diego because I come from the world famous San Diego Zoo.  My brother Bob lives in Norway with @Happpiii and @BearBerkeley so he has lots of fun.  I ended up staying at HQ as a climbing and swinging instructor because of my long arms and legs.  I can't wait for the warmer weather when we can swinging in the bay trees.  Its been a long winter for a lad from California.  My best friend in the world is Barnaby and we swing on doors together a lot and have swinging competitions.  I arrived in September 2012.

Hello I'm Marley and some of you probably know my story.  I am the other large baboon here at HQ like Kolo and Edward.  Nobody knows where I came from, but before I came to Baboon HQ I lived in a dark cupboard for several years.  Coming to Baboon HQ was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I love living with all these baboons, although sometimes I need to be by myself.  I talk to the new baboons who come here and I found that some of them have had the same story.  I wish people wouldn't do that.  Listen if you have any baboons or other anipals in cupboards please get them out.  If you don't have room for them take them to where they can find a new home.  I like to read books and every new thing I see in life is amazing to me.  I arrived in November 2012.

Hey hello, I'm Theirry, after the great Thierry Henry!  I wasn't originally meant to be a Baboon HQ baboon, the man person bought me to give to somebody but when he met me he realised that I might not be the right baboon for the person he had in mind, no problem just a matching thing.  So I stayed here and now I am a Baboon HQ baboon and loving it.  I would like to do some photographic modelling work as some people say I can put on a mean and moody look!  What do you think?  I've been here since November 2012.

Weeeeeeeee great to meet you, I'm Freddy, after a Swedish Freddy who played for Arsenal, I can't spell his other name right so I won't try. I was brought here for rehoming.  When I arrived I was in need of a wash.  I went through the washing machine and then sat around on the radiators to dry.  By the time I was dry I had made such good friends with everyone that I ended up staying.  That was in January this year so I'm quite new to HQ but I've already helped assemble a kitchen table.  I love all the stuff we do here.

Well so now you have met all the 18 baboons at HQ, we really don't intend that there will be any more coming to stay.  We have rehomed 70 baboons so far and aim to rehome 100.  I have two rehomings in progress so we are getting there.

Thank you for your interest in all these funny characters we have here and if you are ever passing please drop in and say hello. HUGS HUGS HUGS


  1. wonderful too meet yew all.. i haf reely enjoyd th blogs gettin too kno th baboons of baboon hq, fank yew!

  2. Oh oh.....ello for you Marley my pal!! Woof...and ello for everyone else too of corse