Sunday, 10 March 2013

Who is Who at Baboon HQ - Part 2

Well I promised I would let the six middle baboons introduce themselves next.  Most of them arrived at the end of 2011 or in the first half of 2012.

Here they are:

Hi I'm Austin.  You may notice my resemblance to Kolo.  I am one of his cousins.  Like Roko I am about half his size and, like Roko I came from Texas.  I chose my name, Austin, after that great city Austin Texas, which we live.  Especially Kerbey Lane cafe.  I love Formula 1 and I am very excited that there will be a Grande Prix in Austin from now on.  At Baboon HQ I am an assistant hugging instructor.  I help Kolo to teach hugging and test babons on their hugging skills.

Hi I'm Denis, I am Austin's brother, we both arrived at Baboon HQ in December 2011 from Texas.  I chose my name after the great Arsenal player Denis Bergkamp.  Like Austin I love Formula 1 and am exicted for the start of the new season.  I am also an assistant hugging instructor at Baboon HQ.

Hi I'm Ryan, I arrived at Baboon HQ early in 2012.  My brother Rhyland lives with Huntyr @kyba.  He is adventurous, I am not.  Actually I am quite a shy baboon.  At Baboon HQ I make new baboons welcome, whether they are staying here or destined for rehoming.  I like to make sure they are comfortable and have everything they need and that they are happy and confident about their future.

Hello I'm Edward.  I think most of you probably know my story.  I am told that I was the reason for the rehoming programme.  I used to work in a shop.  Kolo thinks I have done enough work and should rest, but I do like to keep busy.  I do lots of odd jobs around Baboon HQ.  I love living here and I am so glad I got the opportunity.

Hi, I'm Ozzie.  I am the second smallest baboon at Baboon HQ.  I was bought for rehoming but didn't get rehomed.  I like being at Baboon HQ and I hang out with Archie, Arnie and Jackson who you will see next.  I have a brother who lives in Berlin in Germany with some great friends from Can Be Social.  I mainly play with toys and read baboon books.

Hello I'm Jackson.  I chose that name because I am a big Longhorns fan and visited their stadium in Austin, Texas.  The player who I saw there was called Jackson so I took that name.  You may also know me as Mini-Kolo.  I have the best job at Baboon HQ.  As Kolo is much to big to travel I trave for him and represent him.  I guess I am an ambassador for Baboon HQ.  I have been to America and will be going again.  I love meeting friends and representing Kolo.  The rest of the time I hang out with Archie, Arnie and Ozzie.  Wherease Roko, Austin and Denis are approximately half of Kolo's size, I am about one third of his size so I can fit in bags easily.

In the third installment we will introduce you to the last six baboons at Baboon HQ.


  1. how luffly too meet moor of th baboons at baoon hq... reely enjoyin this fank yew kolo *hugs*

  2. ELlo for you my pals....Peter Tosh also wavin ello wiv his big paws....will you haz a football team?

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