Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine competition winners

Firstly thank you to everyone who entered the competition.  I always hate this part because I wanted everyone to win and they never do all win.  However, the good bit is telling the winners that they did win and I notice that over time more and more friends have one a prize in my competitions so eventually I think everyone will win.

The winners of the Valentine competition are:

1. The winner of the Zack Rabbit mug is - @pumpkinpuddy.  Pumpkin I will send you instructions by DM on Twitter.

2. The winner of the monkey or owl adoption is - @nocrybabydogs.  Daffy I will send you instructions by DM on Twitter.

3. The winner of the Owl and Monkey Sanctuary mug is - @justanothertrend. Hurley I will get in touch with you on Twitter.

4. The winner of the rabbit mug or T-shirt is - @wirdnerves. I will also get in touch with your on Twitter and send you instructions.

Well done to all the winners.  Remember everyone else, you have all won my heart.  Watch out for my Easter competition coming up next!



  1. yay thats soo wundahful.. well dun too ebearywun nd a huge hug nd fank yew too kolo fur beein soo jenerous nd raisin smiles nd helpin gud corses :)

  2. Oh so romantic Kolo! Wel dun ebearybuddy and Valentine's Day Huuggs to all at Baboon HQ! Smooooooooooooooch, hehe! :O)

  3. Congratulations to all the winners. Kolo you sure do offer great prizes. Your contests are fabulous! Koko says "Hi pal."

  4. So happy we won the Adoption pkg, Kolo ! Want lil Martin to be with his mate Lulu as soon as he can. Thank you so much for helping the animals.
    Love, Daffy NoCryBabyDoGs