Thursday, 15 September 2016

A quieter day

On Tuesday we did such a difficult walk that yesterday we decided to take it a bit easier.  We started with a cooked breakfast at the Bembridge Bakery.

That was delicious.  Then we went for a walk at Bembridge.  We parked at the Toll Gate cafe and walked on the cliff tops.

This is a lovely walk, but you have to take the views while you can, the hedges were a bit high for Harry.

That's a bit more like it, you can see Culver Cliff, which marks the boundary of Sandown Bay.  It was very sunny.

Back at Bembridge, near the Crab and Lobster pub, you get lovely views of the sea.

Well when I said a quieter day, that didn't include the bit about helping out the coastguard.  We always feel they are worth helping.

Another walk today, in the west of the island.  Its another hot day!!

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