Monday, 12 September 2016

Further adventures in Boston

We have talked about the great Tweet-up, after that, Mini-Kolo had further adventures in Boston.  The first of these started with a breakfast sandwich at Tatte.  Mini-Kolo was in for a busy day so he needed a good breakfast.  A fried egg and cheese sandwich (he didn't have the bacon)!

After breakfast Mini-Kolo set out for Harvard.

There was a long queue to take pictures with John Harvard, but Mini-Kolo climbed up his chair and looked at his books.  He seemed to draw a bigger audience than Mr Harvard.

In order to prove that he had been to Harvard he had his picture taken with the plaque on the stand where Mr Harvard sits.

Moving on for a walk around Cambridge, where Harvard is situated, he noticed this ice cream shop, he liked the look of it, but sadly it wasn't open. Perhaps it was a bit early in the morning, or maybe the cow mascot was eating the ice cream herself.

Mini-Kolo felt that he could progress straight to advanced studies, and not bother with the easier stuff.  He visited the admissions department to discuss that with them.  Sadly, as it was Labor Day, they were closed.

Mini-Kolo wanted to get a Harvard sweatshirt, but they didn't seem to have one in his size.  He thought this one would do!  He found it at the Co-op in Harvard.  I'm sure it suits him.

Mini-Kolo finished his visit to Harvard with lunch (if you can call it lunch), at the Co-op.  Apple tart for lunch!!  Umm!! I'm not sure about that Mini-Kolo

After a busy and hot day at Harvard Mini-Kolo was hungry (you see, apple tart does not make a good lunch)!  By this time we had met up with our friend Monkey again and we introduced him to Durgin Park.  Mini-Kolo chose the mac and cheese.

It was very nice, but that didn't come with chips either.  More salad!!  Not Mini-Kolo's favourite!  He enjoyed his dinner though.

Monkey ordered a pudding, strawberry shortcake.  Mini-Kolo had to help him out with that one.

The next day Mini-Kolo started with breakfast at the Paramount restaurant in Charles Street.  We had wanted to go to this place for breakfast before, but it is so popular that, over the Labor Day weekend, there were long queues.  Mini-Kolo could see exactly why once he tried the banana french toast.

After that he decided to visit the medical museum at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Mini-Kolo finds medical things interesting so he was keen to go.

He watched some innovative operating techniques.

 Examined some surgical instruments, and, most interestingly:

Looked at this 1970s heart/lung machine.  Mini-Kolo loved playing with the dials, what a good thing there was no patient attached to it at the time!  He also did some diagnosing and matching cells.  It was a fascinating museum.

Massachusetts General Hospital is famous because that is where ether was first used in operations.  We were able to go into the main hospital to visit the ether dome, where they carried out the operations.  Mini-Kolo took a seat in the lecture theater to view an operation.  However, there was no operation scheduled so he decided to give a lecture instead.

Only one person attended the lecture, and Mini-Kolo was a little puzzled about what had happened to this person's fur.

They seemed to get on well, despite the naked condition of the chap.  After visiting the museum Mini-Kolo went for a walk around town and found a grilled cheese sandwich to have for lunch, at Panificio in Charles Street.

After that Mini-Kolo was pretty full and had to walk further to digest all that food.

That didn't stop him wanting breakfast the next day, of course.  We went back to Panificio and had to choose between their banana pancakes and french toast.

This was our last day and we had a last look around Boston before going to the airport to get our night flight back to Heathrow.  That didn't stop Mini-Kolo from getting into more interesting adventures.  This time helping the Boston police.

Finally, after an exciting holiday, we made our way to Logan International Airport to get back to England.  Mini-Kolo enjoyed watching the planes being loaded and unloaded, landing and taking off.  It is also rather an airport with a view.

Thank you for reading about Mini-Kolo's adventures.  We are planning another trip to the US next year, to do what we had intended to do last year, including San Diego and Seattle.  Before that we have another week before my person returns to work so we will be doing some walking and blog about that.  There is a heatwave in England still so I don't know how far we will get.

Mini-Kolo had a great trip to the US and was so glad to meet friends in Boston.  We missed those who could not make it to the Tweet-up, but hope to see you on another occasion.


  1. Ivy League Babboon, yesssss! Medical fings ar beary fascinating. shame hoomins ar so complicated to fix, hehe! Will it be too long befor we see the HugMeister sporting a Harvard sweatshirt, ey wunders?
    Annuva fab blog, Mini-Kolo. fankoo! :O) :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What exciting adventures. Mom's sisters live near Boston, so she's been there many times and even met Bonnie. Maybe next year she can go to San Diego or Seattle when you're there. Make sure to let us know when you're going to be there.

    1. We will be sure to let you know. It will be late August/early September but we'll let you know when we can be precise.

  3. Wowzier - what a great adventure and so nice you had a meet up with our pals. I'm so envious. M says she would love to meet your human sometime and you, of course.