Sunday, 11 September 2016

Arriving in Boston and the first two days

So my last blog told about what we did in Texas and left Mini-Kolo saying goodbye to Monkey and leaving for Dallas Fort Worth airport.  The airport was big and air conditioned and good for a walk.  A leg stretch was needed after all the hot weather in Dallas.  Mini-Kolo met some Texan supermodels in the airport.

Very handsome and great clothes, but where else but in Texas would you meet cattle supermodels?

After a good flight on American Airlines we arrived at Logan Airport in Boston and made our way to the hotel, the Wyndham in Blossom Street.  Nice and central and easy to get to.  Once we had checked in we went in search of a pizza.  There was a bit of a shock to find that our usual favourite pizza place in Boston, the California Pizza Kitchen, had closed down.  However, we found a great pizza at Panificio in Charles Street.

Phew!!  Mini-Kolo was worried that he wouldn't get a pizza.  Of course we knew that pizza was easily available in the North End but we had walked in the other direction and were a bit lazy about walking over there, so Mini-Kolo was thrilled to find this one, and it was delicious.

More food!  First thing in the morning we found the biggest almond croissant in the world, at Tatte in Charles Street.  It didn't take Mini-Kolo long to polish that off!

After that a long walked, all over Boston.  We finished by walking up Commonwealth Avenue.

By the time we reached there Mini-Kolo felt in need of a rest before walking back.  On he way back Mini-Kolo encountered some frat boys having a back to college party.  We think it was going to get noisy!!

The next day was Tweet-up day!  We met at Durgin Park, near Quincy Market.  We met:

@countryclare7 (Mary Ellen, in the light blue stripped top), @lilyluwhoT (Bonny at the back) and @grrlysquirrel75 (Michelle), Bonny and Mary Ellen brought their baboons along too.

The baboons started by getting into the cornbread, well it was at least two hours since Mini-Kolo had had an enormous brioche for breakfast.

Well baboons need to eat constantly!

Mini-Kolo much preferred manperson's and Michelle's chips to his own salad.  I think he is pinching them in this picture, it looks rather suspicious anyway.

After lunch we went for a walk to the North End to do some sightseeing.  The baboons found a peace garden where they had their pictures taken.

The garden was dedicated to St Francis of Assisi, who was a patron saint of animals, so they thought he wouldn't mind them climbing on his railings.

We really enjoyed the Tweet-up, thank you to all who came along it was fun.

Mini-Kolo had a few more adventures in Boston, we will blog about those tomorrow.  Thank you for reading.


  1. Commonwealth Avenue looked amazing, woold've lubbed a stroll down ther, drinking in Bostonian daily life, hehe! So lubly to see Marie Ellen, Bonny and Michelle - teddywaves!!!! - and wot a lubly sunny day to tweet-up on! Big Huuggs to ebearywun and can't wait fur mor! Mogs and Paco :O) :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What an amazing trip you have had. We are so envious that you were able to meet so many of our pals, and they were able to meet you and your human. HUGS from M and me.