Thursday, 15 September 2016

A most beautiful walk

Another hot day and another walk.  I can't think why we have not done this walk recently, it is one of the most beautiful walks on the island and we used to do it often.  I think maybe it didn't seem long enough, but we have made it a bit longer.  We started at the End of the Line Cafe in Freshwater and walked through Freshwater town and down to Colwell Bay.

We love the colourful bathing huts there.  Everyone has gone to so much trouble to make their bathing hut look nice.

We walked along to Totland Bay, this is just past Colwell.  Harry could see the Needles rocks, but you can't because at that stage visibility was quite poor.

At Totland Harry indulged in some fish wrestling, this is a strange fish.

This is a bit fishy!!  I am not sure whether Harry's posture here shows whether he has won or lost!!

Anyway we moved on to Totland Bay.

This is a lovely bay and again we could see the Needles, and the mainland, but you can't.  This was just before the moment when the sun came out and it was suddenly very hot.

We walked up the road a little way, climbing steeply, and got to the cliff path.  There is a woody bit there and we did some climbing.

We soon found a vantage point to check out the path ahead.  We continued along this path until we came out on Headon Warren, which is a bit of a heath-land, and very beautiful.

There is a lot of interesting wild life and history up there.

The heath is very beautiful.  It is the opposite cliff to Tennyson Down, that we climb very often, but the soil is different and so there is much more growth of bracken and heather here.

This is the other part of the island where we find heather.  We could smell this heather it was beautiful.

We could see the mainland from here an Hurst Castle.  Unfortunately the autumn mist makes it difficult for you to see it.

Now you can just see the Needles.  This is as far as you can go.  The view around was lovely.  We walked back the same way and had lunch at the End of the Line Cafe.

Today is very wet and we have achy legs so we may not go too far today.  Thank you for reading about our walks.  We have had a great holiday, but its back to work on Monday!!

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