Saturday, 10 September 2016

Arriving in Texas

Its been a while since we blogged.  Well its been a bit of a quiet time at Baboon HQ.  However, we are back from holiday and ready to tell you all about it.

Mini-Kolo was going to Texas so he started out in his Longhorns shirt.  He had to leave home early so he had breakfast at Heathrow Terminal 5.  That was quite exciting as he ran into a number of GB Paralympic athletes, who were leaving from Brazil.

After a long delay and long flight, he arrived in Dallas, got through immigration with no problem and waited in the long, long, long customs queue and made his way to his favourite TexMex resturant, Gloria's (there are lots of these now in Dallas).

He started with nachos and sauce.  He likes the black bean sauce better than the salsa.  Then he had a plantain starter.

With sour cream and more black bean sauce.  Followed by ...

spinach enchiladas, with rice and sauce.  Now he felt that he was really in Texas.

The next day he went to check out his favourite Texas supermarket, Central Market.  He liked the look of these cakes,

but not as much as these cakes.

Yes the cakes at Central Market are rather special aren't they!  Anyone visiting Texas and not visiting Central Market is missing out.  Mini-Kolo bought ingredients to cook macaroni cheese, or as it is called in America mac and cheese.

After all of that shopping he went for lunch at Judy's in Richardson (Dallas).  He chose between grilled cheese (an American essential) and tuna on rye.  He chose the grilled cheese.

After all of that travelling Mini-Kolo was quite tired.  He cooked macaroni cheese and had an early night.

The next day he got up early and went for breakfast at Cafe Brazil in Richardson.  He spent a long time looking at the menu and chose fruit French toast.


Mini-Kolo did more than just eat on his trip.  He visited the Museum of Science and Natural History in Dallas.  He met some interesting people there.

This was a really interesting museum.  Mini-Kolo really liked these antlers.

He studied this oil well.

and this miniature aircraft engine.

Finally he got interested in this desert scene as it had a wild boar, and Mini-Kolo is fascinated by wild boar.

After that he decided to check out the swimming pool at our friend's complex.

It was quite hot!  Mini-Kolo read the pool rules.  There were an awful lot of them!

The first thing he noticed was that there was no lifeguard.  So he decided to put that right.

As there was nobody else swimming he decided that this was a bit of a waste of time so he decided to try some swimming himself.

On the other hand it was a bit wet and so he changed his mind.

After all of those adventures he was hungry and went to Central Market cafe, where he had Chinese food.

It was delicious.

He had one more day in Texas and he spent most of it eating.

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast at Norma's in Dallas.  Norma's is famous for pies and Mini-Kolo checked these out.

More swimming and walking and sightseeing and then dinner at Cafe Brazil, cheese omelette with rosemary potatoes.

Yes, a lot of eating but Texas was hot and Mini-Kolo used up a lot of energy in the pool.  He needed lots of food and the food in Texas is rather special.

The next day Mini-Kolo had to say goodbye to our friend Monkey.

After that he left for Dallas Fort Worth airport to move on to Boston.  Read more about his journey and his adventures in Boston in the next blog.


  1. All we can say is: wow! Mini Kolo had fun and the food is 'faints' yummy yummy

  2. french toast, pancaykes, caykes, caykes caykes! nomnom times in Texas!

  3. That was a LOT of food for a short time. Looks fabulous though! Love it

  4. Wowza! Texan noms ar faboolus - and if ey evva mayk it to Dallas ey'm heading straight fur that Central Market, heehee! Mini-Kolo looked grrreat in his hawaiian-stylee shirt - pawfikt fur a beary warm day by the pool!
    Big Huuggs! :O) and :=o)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx