Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympics 2012 Competition

This competition is not be confused with #TeddyOlympics, which you should all also enter as it is tremendous fun.  In case you don't have information about that visit and join in.

Right now to my competition.  I like to run a competition to celebrate special events and what is more special than having the Olympic Games in London.  So here we go.


What are the prizes?

  1. A monkey or owl adoption from the Owl and Monkey Haven in Newport, Isle of Wight I promise to visit the winner's monkey or owl and tell them all about their new adoptive parent.
  2. A lovely prize donated by our great friend on Twitter Mr Pie.  This is a cat adoption from  There are some lovely cats there who really need our help so do have a look at them.
  3. A bunny T-shirt or mug from our dear Twitter friend Miriam's website the money from the T-shirt or mug will help the bunnies in the sanctuary
  4. The chance to adopt a really cute baboon like this one and give him (or her) a loving home

What happens if one of the prizes is not suitable for me?

When you enter the competition you can say if there is a prize that you would prefer not to win.

How do I enter?

There are three ways to enter.

  1. Leave a message on this blog to say you would like to enter.  If you do not have a blogger account and are leaving the message annoymously please give your Twitter or Can Be Social name.
  2. Send me a DM on Twitter.  If I do not follow you send me a message asking me to follow you so you an DM me.
  3. Leave a message on my Can Be Social profile page.
When will the prize draw take place?

The competition will be drawn on 28 July, the day after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.  I would not like to overshadow the great Olympic opening ceremony with my competition draw.

Who will do the prize draw and how will it be done?

My brother, Leroy Sealion on Twitter is so excited about the games that I have decided that he should make the draw this time.  He will use a random number generator to pick the four winners.

How will I know if I have won?

I will announce the winners on this blog and contact them directly via DM on Twitter or a message on Can Be Social.

Good luck to everyone.  I always want everyone to win!


Love from Kolo


  1. Ooooo great prizes ...I would love to enter xx Hugggggs

  2. Oohhh Kolo, please enter me to win one of your grrreat prizes buddy *high paws* Thank you

  3. Monty says hello and is very excited to hear about the competition! He would love to enter, please! He sends love and hopes you are all well and keeping dry!

  4. diamondbertie would love to enter the competition, she says because Felix is a happy "only" child would love an owl - if we win,

  5. I would love to enter the contest! All the prizes are great! Hugs Hugs Hugs

  6. still trying to win a bunny tshirt... enter me

  7. How Olympics feeling, Morse would love to enter. hugs hugs

  8. I (well, we if you count Mummy2Legs and our Kevin, rehomed from you recently!) would love to enter! All, some or any prize would do - unless it was another Kevin, he wears me out some days with his antics - ha ha! Good Luck everyone! Love Barnie x

  9. Oooooh!! WOuld love to win one of your prizes, Kolo!!! Please count me in!!! XXXX

  10. Hi Kolo, great competition! Thank you so much! *hugs* I would love to enter. =:X) xx

  11. Oh this sounds like great fun! Would love to enter. Thanks

  12. Petie & I would love to be included in your Olympic contest!
    The only prize we would ask to not be included in is the rehomed baboon - someone else should have the pleasure of living with a wonderful furiend like my Petie! ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

  13. Hai hai hai! Pleaz enter me in the competishun.
    I wish I cood go to the Olympics :(
    Luv to u & Leroy,
    Isa xox
    (I can't go in baboon draw cos we haz too many stuffies in da loft!)

  14. Hi Kolo,
    here is Otto speaking. My written words are not many by now...sorry, but I am still a baby baboon. My sweet bearents allowed me to take part in this competition!
    Is this enough Kolo? Oh, sorry forgot my bearents Burnie, Greg & Chrissy & Bunny Jane like to take part with me.
    I think I#m a fuzzy headed baby baboon...hehehehe....typing is FUN!
    Oh...would like to win a RettetKaninchen shirt for daddy Greg's size. I love my daddy & this would be bearfect!
    Whoohoo baboon baby on the pic! You seems being my twin! Wish you to find such a beartastic family as I did!
    Baboony HUGS & kisses
    yours Otto xoxoxo

  15. Thank you Kolo and Leroy for having such a great competition!
    I'd love to be entered.
    Much love, danapixie and tsk

  16. Hello! What a great contest, Kolo! I'd love to enter. I think it would be exciting to be able to virtually adopt a monkey or owl or kitty. Great idea!!!

  17. Terence Terrier9 July 2012 at 10:33

    Hello. Terence & little Arthur here. Please enter us in the competition Hugs from A

  18. Hi this is @toughteddybear on twitter. I would love to be included in the prize draw.

  19. i wanna enters dis pawsum contest wif way pawsum pwizes (az usuals).

  20. hellooo would defo like to enter !!

    thanks Kolo your contest are great fun!!!!

  21. @justanothertrnd HURLEY: Oh, my, another wonderful contest. DUSTY: IS it OK to enter when we won Chico Owl adoption so recently? HURLEY: If so, then please enter us. Thanks!

  22. Hi Kolo oh please I'd like to enter in your contest.
    You have such great prizes.
    Thank you so very much
    Hugs Spooky

  23. Thanks pal, another good contest. You do come up with some good ones. Koko and I decline to enter this time tho cuz I has Koko and He hasme and we're all we need right now. Thanks for inviting us to enter tho.

  24. Woohoo! Great prizes as evva, Kolo! Yes me and Paco woold lub to take part-its the taking part that cownts, thats the Olympic Spirit!
    Huuggs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Ello ello....*run run*...I do be back from holiday to enter...

  26. *wavy paws* wot a wundaful ideer nd i deelited too bee cownted in!

    yur pal