Monday, 30 July 2012

Start thinking of names!

I was very excited that our dear friend Jeego (@SeattleP) offered a home to a homeless baboon.  Her baboon has arrived and they look as though they are getting on well together.

Looks like fun!

Jeego has offered a prize to the person who comes up with the ideal name for her baboon.  The baboon is a cool sort of a guy who likes to hang on doors and watch the world go by.

So if you can think of a name to suit this cute, cool baboon you might win a prize.

Enter by leaving a comment on this blog, you don't have to be a member of blogger, or even following this blog, to leave a comment.  If you have trouble leaving a comment tweet to @SeattleP to leave your idea. 

The contest will close in one week's time, on Tuesday 7 August, so get thinking and leave your ideas here.

Good luck and thanks for your help!


  1. I suggest Ringo because of the yellow ring around his neck.

  2. I suggest In D. Baboon! in honour of me! Indykitty

  3. I suggest Hanger because he likes to hang.

  4. That's a nice one. He looks athletic. How about Ichiro? Or Boonie Even though none of the Boone's were Mariners, it just seems right to name a baboon Boonie.

  5. Bubbles because he looks like he's full of fun and laughter just comes bubbling out of him.

  6. He looks like a Bernard to me. Bernard Baboon. Or just Bernie B when he's hanging loose ;o)

  7. I fink we should call him Starbucks cos I fink they is from Seattle....