Friday, 13 July 2012

Kitchen Delivery

Remember I said Baboon HQ was going to move.  Well we changed our minds and we are staying but we are renovating the existing Baboon HQ.  New kitchen, new paint colours and new carpets plus some new furniture.  Belive me its actually cheaper than moving and we like Baboon HQ.

So its all getting started.  Today the new kitchen cupboards and worktops were delivered. Oh dear, I never thought about how big kitchen worktops are.  I was sitting, wondering and scratching my head about what to do when the doorbell rang.  I opened the door and there on the doorstep was one of our re-homed baboons, Rhylan.  We I knew he was happy in his new home so I knew he hadn't run away.

He told me he had heard about all the work we are doing and because he was so happy in his new home and grateful to Baboon HQ, that he wanted to help.

I greated him with a big hug.  I was so pleased to see him, not only cos he was helping but also because he is such a great little chap.

Rhylan seeon joined Yaya and me in sitting around scratching our heads wondering what to do.  The worktops are blocking a door and my person can't step over them to get to clothes, computer etc.  The trouble is they will be there till Wednesday.

Rhylan climbed up over the worktops to look at all the stuff in the room.  He agreed that that was not the problem so much as the worktops that humans were not tall enough to climb over.

We thought if Ryhlan and Yaya pushed.

I pulled

We might be able to move them out of the way.  However the curved staircase proved too much even for a baboon troop to handle.  Not sure what we are going to do about that.  The fitters are not here till Wednesday!

Well at least we can get up and downstairs so that is something.  So we decided to go upstairs and review the current kitchen so Rhylan could remember the size of the job we have to do and supervise.

Oh yes, Rhylan remembered its a big kitchen to fit we will take a few days to do this.

Well we think we will wait to ask our man person what he thinks we should do.  Maybe we have to climb over the worktops and get the things our person needs for a few days.  Maybe the man person will sort things out. We will see.  Baboons can do most things but this one seems a bit much.  If my person had known they would go there she could have got stuff out before they were delivered! Oh dear a baboon dilemma!


  1. Looks like a big task ahead. You'll be very good at it though. I can tell.

  2. oh all teh werks in teh howse iz nawt fun an the noize too but you will luv hazing a noo kichen wen its all ready! *hugs*

  3. Oh paw some to see Rhylan back to elp out at HQ. I ope you do get it all finished in time for the grand openin.

  4. Glad you got Rhylan's help wiff all dat going on at dat busy Baboon HQ. New kitchen gonna be pawsome fur everybuddy der.Kip says he'd help too but you'll prolly be done by time he could get der..hee.


  5. that dus be lots of werk to be dooin kolo an is grayt rylun did com an elp. that dus be wot frends is for. i ope it dus al be dun reely kwik so yoo can reelaks agane

  6. Wow you guys are doing some heavy duty work. Hope your muscles don't give out on you guys!

  7. wow lots of work, but you guys seem to b working it all out together,I nos your all very happy to have Rhylan back to help with all da moving stuff Baboons are very strong !!!!

  8. A lot of work but the end result will be amazing! Been there, done know what the next few days will be like! Chaos!! But at least you will not have to contend with a "madam" of a cat guess who?) supervising the work and being covered in builders' detritus!! **Or the builders in fear of getting their 'builders bums" fanged**!

  9. Well there is truly no better place than home, and Baboon HQ is like, or has been home to so many of us! Fear ye not as now the cavalry has arrived, things soon be in order - brilliant! Love Barnie (and my baboon Kevin, who'd love to help, but is otherwise occupied swinging on the kids swings again)! x