Friday, 27 July 2012


Well I can't say the kitchen is finished yet because we haven't got all the doors yet, but we are baboons, nothing holds us back, we got right on with the painting.  We believe the kitchen will be finished next week apart from the lino.

We have had pale yellow walls eversince we moved here so it was a big decision to make a change.  This week we started by painting the kitchen.  At the end of the first day Rhylan and I sat back and looked at our handy work.  We can't move the fridge back until the skirting is dry of course.

I think we were justifiably quite pleased with our handiwork.

Then we got on and did some other rooms.

This is where Rhylan started to express some concern.  He felt it was a bit much having blue walls and blue carpet.  Well he was right of course, can't argue with that, but I reminded him we were changing the carpet for a neutral one.  Then he said he didn't like the yellow radiator with the blue walls but I reminded him we would be painting that.  Well Huntyr (@kyba) did tell me he is a bit of a fashion king.  He works very hard though.

By the end of today we had done everything except the bedroom and bathroom and a bit of finishing in one or two other rooms.  We expect to be finished by next Wednesday, then we can start getting the house a bit organised, but not too much because we have carpets and lino to lay the week after that.

So busy busy busy baboons!


  1. WOW - it's going to be a fancy smancy kitchen. You guys are doing a good job. Yikes, I hope M doesn't expectg Koko and me to paint around here!

  2. hehehee good thing Ryhlan is getting all the fashion remodeling and cleaning and painting done at HG headquarters, it most likely will NOT happen here LOLOL

  3. I think the blue is a lovely colour, Kolo!! and a netural carpet will brighten up the room too!! Sending LOTS of love! you baboons have been working so hard!! Can't wait to see the finished flooring!! xoxo - ZackRabbit

  4. Spiffy doo!! It's looking great!! Me and BooBoo and Jubillee would like to do some painting but only wiv our paws!! XXXX