Friday, 3 August 2012

Renovations week 3

Well you may think we baboons have been quiet well that's partly because Twitter has been temperamental with us but also because we have been hard at work renovating (and watching the Olympics of course).  So this is week 3 of the renovations, its a 4 week programme so not finished yet but some results to show.

Finally we managed to finish the kitchen, all the doors and draws are fitted and we are close to back to normal in that room.

We are quite pleased, we will be laying the new flooring on Monday, a nice grey tiled look and then our people can clean it and get the knick knacks back up.  I think they are pleased with our work.

We have done all the rest of the painting as well over the last two weeks.  That is all the house except the guest area, that will be done another year.  Today we inspected the bedroom, that will also get its new carpet on Monday.  I think my people will be very happy to get out of the guest bedroom and back to their own so that is a priority.  The en suite bathroom is finished as its not having new flooring.

Yaya was in charge of carpentry and today he revealed the wardrobe doors he made and painted.

He is very proud of them and he's done a great job.  The louvred doors will be great because the wardrobes are built into the old chimneys and although there hasn't been a fire in them in 100 years at least, they still smell sooty sometimes.

We inspected the bedroom from above.  We are baboons so climbing is second nature to us.

I think we are very happy with the job he has done.

Well all work and no play isn't a good thing so we took timeout to do some climbing on the stacked up furniture.

Well we work hard but we need to relax too, we're just kids really.

So carpets next week.  We are looking forward to that although it will be hard work moving furniture as well as fitting, but with the blue walls and floors it feels like the aquatic centre.  Then there will be lots of cleaning to do.  Our people will need to help with that I guess.  So by this time next week I should be able to show you the finished house.


  1. Meowza its looking pawsome! All that hard werk iz rilly paying off *purrrs*

  2. Aww - this is just so exciting. You guys are really working hard and making progress.

  3. that dus be lots an lots wot yoo av al bin dooin. yoo shud av oliday wen it dus be al finnishd cos yoo disserv it .. bigg uggs to yoo al

  4. woow baboons is very handy indeed !!! A job well done cheers