Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Winner of the name the baboon competition

I'm sure you remember Jeego's (@SeattleP) competition to name her baboon.  Thank you all for entering, you make competitions so much fun by entering into the spirit of them.  Well anyway, we have a winner.

It was hard for Jeego to choose the winning name and we did have a conference about it, all the names were great and you all have such fantastic ideas. So, after a long, long discussion and lots of tea and cakes it was decided that the winning name was Ringo because of the ring of yellow fur around his neck and he also looks like a Ringo although I don't think he plays the drums!

So the winner is @Mariodacat.  Well done Mario you picked a great name!  Your next step is to contact @SeattleP on Twitter.


  1. Ringo is teh purrfikt name fur he! Concats to mario an Jeego an Ringo too xooxo

  2. Nice to meet you Ringo! Mario did a pawsome job picking a purrfect name for you! I know you'll be very happy living with Jeego - she's a sweet kitteh who will appreciate your ((HUGS))!

  3. Thats a triffic name. Mario do be a clever cat fur sure. I wish Ringo all da best in his new life.

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