Friday, 17 August 2012

July baboons update

Despite the summer break and all the renovations a few baboons have been rehomed in July.  Some lovely Twitter friends have offered homes to homeless baboons.  Thank you to all of you.

The first July baboon was rehomed by BearBearD who won the right to rehome a baboon in the Jubilee competition.  Bear called his baboon Bobby to retain his English roots.

I am sure Bobby is very happy living in a sunny state near the beach!

The next July baboon was rehomed by Jeego (SeattleP) who offered a home to a baboon.

Jeego had a competition to name her baboon.  The winner was Mario who suggested Ringo because of the ring of yellow wiskers that he has around his chin.  I know Ringo is settling in well and will enjoy his new life.

Yoshi (@CarpetScooter) had a really amazing rehoming experience.  Yoshi and his mum were interested in having a baboon and also love slothes.  When I came across a baboon and a slothe who were looking for a home together I knew exactly who would be the right rehomer for them.  What a coincidence.

Cheeks the baboon and Slowpoke the sloth are clearly making good friends with Yoshi.

The next baboon went to live with @JigsawBear in Kansas, we think he must be the first baboon in Wichita.

Jigsaw and Busu (meaning kiss) are getting to know eachother and Busu is keeping Jigsaw company while ArchieSteiff is away.

Tommy Pug kindly offered a home to a baboon

You can see that Tommy greeted Austin and they are making close friends.

Finally, for July, @SouthseaBear won the Olympic rehoming.

SouthseaBear and Kenneth (so he has initial K like Kolo) look to be very sweet friends.

Well thank you to everyone who has rehomed a baboon.  Three more have been rehomed in August but one is still on his way so I will blog about them in September.  I am planning to meet up with some rehomed baboons in Texas and Boston this year.

One quick update from June is that Oatuling's baboon finally arrived in Canada and has already set off on a road trip.

Here are Oatuling and Ozzie (Osbourne named after Osbourne house on the island where Baboon HQ is situated!  Getting ready to go on their road trip.

I love hearing about all the baboons and seeing pictures and thank you to all of you for your intrest in baboons.


  1. Its so heartwarming to see all teh baboons find loving homes!

  2. Awww those are lucky baboons to find a home too. We love Koko, and I think he loves us. Wow, you have placed a lot of baboons this year pal. A whole bunch are now living happily ever after. HUGS

  3. Bobby is so excited that he is featured on your blog! I am taking very good care of him and keeping him away from Rosy so she doesnt play rough with him. He sends BobbyHugs ! Thank you again for sending BobbyBaboon to our family. BearHUG!

  4. absolyewtly wundahful fank yew kolo! baboon hq is dowin a wundahful fing wif rehoming all thees baboons nd i kno frum beein lucky enuff to share my home wif nyani baboon that it is a brillant fing fing th homing famlees as well as th reskewed baboons! keep up th gud werk!

  5. Hurray for rehomed baboons! You are like the Mother Theresa of the baboon werld my pal.

  6. Baboon love is spreading!!!!

  7. HUGS HUGS HUGS - Gruff said! Well done and congratulations to those lucky recipients! Well done too to Kolo and Baboon HQ for continuing all this good work here!

    Sadly however we are leaving my brilliant (if I bark so myself - ha ha!) blue blogging home to concentrate on my slightly less successful (strange but true!) YouTube film career, taking a lot less time and commitment we feel.... our intention was to put some pictures to some of our walks, mainly to let other similar like minded people to Mummy2Legs see if there are any hills or bogs in advance ha ha! Our time spent in Blogville occurred by accident, we were pleasantly waylaid by everybody we met here - oooh we did had some good times. We have loved coming here to keep up-to-date with all your good works here....we will see you soon, all our love, Bordoggy Barnie