Sunday, 23 March 2014

March Rehomings

I am pleased to say that four baboons have reached their new loving homes in the last two weeks.

All four left Baboon HQ on Saturday 8 March.  The first to arrive only had a short hop across the Solent to @lilliandarchie.

Hairy Harry started life in his new home by feeding the chickens.  Of course he had to prepare their food first.

Harry was allowed to use a knife to chop up the chicken's veggies, but not all baboons are safe to do this so check your baboon out before allowing the to use sharp knives.
Harry has proved to be a baboon of many talents.  He has been working in the hairdressing salon and yesterday he covered a chair.

Harry is a handsome chap as well as talented.  Of course after all that work Harry deserved a treat.


Yep well baboons and biscuits (cookies)!!

The next to arrive also travelled in England but went a bit further north to @WabbitWisdom.


Murphy also arrived after only two days travel, but he was rather tired and Wabbit let him sleep peacefully.


Wabbit is very kind to Murphy and gentle, even though Murphy was snoring.

The other two baboons were travelling to the US so they took a bit longer. 

Bernard arrived at @NancyCakeFace's house after nearly two weeks travel.


He was tired after all that travelling and took over Nancy's basket.  After that they did play though.


I think they started off by checking eachother out a bit.


Nancy let Bernard share her window, that is probably a good sign of friendship.


After exactly two weeks the final baboon arrived in Florida with @Skye613.  He joined their other adopted baboon Harry B Toes, they are cousins and you can see they are very fond of each other.  This new baboon was tired when he arrived and he hasn't revealed his name yet, but we will let you know when he does.

Thank you for reading and being interested in our baboons.  If you would like to rehome a baboon or another baboon please let me know.  All of these baboons were rehomed as a result of my last blog where people read about Rumney and thought they would like a baboon.


  1. So wonderful to see four more happy Baboons have been rehomed! You've been very busy at BaboonHQ Kolo! The world is a better place with all the ((HUGS)) your rehomed Baboons love to give! *High paw* You Rock Kolo & Staff! Petie & I send ((HUGS)) OxO

  2. hi all at Baboon HQ Jose is glad everyone arrived safely and have such wonderful new homes like him.

  3. Hurray fur baboons in noo homes! Lulu sends hugs!

  4. YAY for more baboons finding homes. You ROCK Kolo! Koko says hi.

  5. yay! the world is a better place with more rehomed baboons!! Keep up the fantastic work, Kolo and baboon HQ!! *bighugs* - @zackrabbit

  6. Great job Kolo baboons are so happy around the world.

  7. More egg-selent werk my pal… good to see da baboons in dey new omes….

  8. Love the love u spread all ova xxx